Singing in Spanish as a part of daily routines is a great way for children to learn new Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and correct Spanish pronunciation.  Movement is an important part of language learning. With simple songs for everyday activities, children associate the Spanish words they are using with their actions.

The Spanish verb guardar means to put something away.  In many Spanish-speaking countries, children sing this song as they pick up their toys.

The kind people at Yo canto y bailo está canción have given me permission to embed this video.   You can also search a guardar on YouTube and hear children from different countries sing versions of the song.    The lyrics and a word-for-word translation follow the video.


A guardar, a guardar

Cada cosa en su lugar

Sin tirar, sin romper

Que después hay que volver

Word-for-word translation:

Let’s put away, let’s put away

Everything in its place

Without throwing, without breaking

Because later it is necessary to come back

For another simple song to sing as a part of your daily routine, see Spanish song for washing hands – Yo me lavo las manos.

¡A guardar! ¡A cantar en español!

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