Spanish song for kids with a familar tune and sweet lyrics.

Douglas Wright is a poet, author and illustrator from Argentina. I love his Spanish poems for kids learning the language because many of them use common vocabulary, natural syntax and short sentences. He sets many of them to music, and kids can easily memorize the words of these Spanish songs by singing along. He shares his work on his blog El Jardín de Douglas.

Douglas has an ear for what is pleasing to children and to adults, too. He has done a loose translation of the classic song You are My Sunshine by Jimmie Davis y Charles Mitchell. The song reads like a poem and can certainly be used that way. Douglas has also recorded it and put it in his post, so kids can listen and sing along. Listen to Tú eres mi sol here.

I like singing this Spanish song with kids because it is a happy, familiar tune. This Spanish translation uses sol, mañana and brillar, with lots of repetition. In the translation, the first verse it about the sun, and the second verse is sung to someone comparing that person to the sun and asking her to sing along. The structure is an easy one for kids to understand, as a poem or as a song.

As always, many thanks to Douglas for his permission to share his work on Spanish Playground and for this lovely song to sing with my students.

Tú eres mi sol (de la mañana)

El sol que brilla
por la mañana
alegra todo
mi corazón,
brilla conmigo,
brilla que brilla,
esta canción.

Tú eres mi sol
de la mañana,
canta conmigo
esta canción,
canta conmigo,
canta que canta,
el corazón.

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