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Rockalingua has a great song and video available free online to teach kids to express feelings in Spanish. Estoy contento moves through common emotions and physical descriptions using ser, estar and tener in the first person singular. The images in the video and the pictures on the lyric sheet give the language context, and kids will identify with the situations they see.

Watch the Estoy contento music video. Listen to the song and download the lyric sheet.

The song and video move through the day with a character experiencing different situations and feelings. The lyrics are on the screen, and the last line is empezamos otra vez. Then the song begins again with a new character. After three repetitions, the words on the screen say ahora tú solo and there is a karaoke version so kids can sing it on their own.

These are the expressions and verbs the song teaches:
Estoy contento.
Estoy triste.
Tengo frío.
Tengo calor.
Soy grande.
Soy pequeño.
Tengo hambre.
Tengo sed.
Tengo miedo.
Tengo sueño.

Like all Rockalingua songs, Estoy contento has a free lyric sheet with pictures that reinforce the meaning of the words as kids listen or sing along. These lyric sheets are a wonderful resource because teachers and parents can use the images to make cards for a variety of games and in other activities. Cesar, the musician and educator behind Rockalingua, is planning to make the lyric sheets available as PDFs shortly. For now, right click on the image to save it and then insert it into a document.

Extension Activities for Spanish Song and Video

– Kids invent gestures and actions for each of the expressions and do them as they sing the song.
– Put the expressions on cards and draw to play charades.
– Kids listen as you describe a situation, then choose the vocabulary that matches how they would feel.
– Sing the song as a group with individuals stepping forward, raising their hands, or holding up a picture card when they sing a phrase that describes them.
– Do a writing activity in groups or individually in which kids name one of the characters in the video and tell a simple story describing her/his day.
– Use drawing pages with blank faces like this one to have kids represent the feelings and physical states in the song. They can label them, try to guess each other’s drawings, or present them to a friend.
– Have kids illustrate the lyrics with drawings of situations in which they experience each of the feelings in the song.
– Have kids illustrate some or all of the feelings and explain the drawing by adding a cuando clause: Tengo frío cuando camino a casa en la nieve. Estoy triste cuando me despido de mis amigos.

Cut out the drawings on the lyrics sheet and make picture cards. You can include the text or not on the cards. Copy a set for each student. Kids use the pictures for activities like these:
– Order the cards as they listen and/or sing
– Play memory (copy two sets of cards)
– Match the cards to magazine pictures, or illustrations in picture books. Kids can identify how the person feels by saying Esta persona dice “Estoy contento”. Depending on the level of the students, they can also explain why the person in the picture feels that way.
– Play hide and search games with the cards
– Make a en este momento meter like the one in the photo with the feelings and physical states. If kids use the drawings from the lyrics sheet and a paper plate, this is a very quick activity. Kids use the meters to indicate how they are feeling. I had black paper plates left over from a day/night unit, but you could use any circle of paper and kids can color the drawings.

spanish songs for kids feelings

– Play a version of I have ..Who has? using the expressions in the song lyrics. Distribute the picture cards randomly (up to 10 kids with the vocabulary in the song). The student with estoy contento starts by saying Estoy contento/a and then choosing any other expression in the song and asking who fits that description (¿Quién tiene hambre? ¿Quién es grande? ¿Quién está triste? etc.) That player answers in the first person  and asks about another expression.

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