Spanish song books with music kids can hear by pressing a button make language learning easy.

I recently discovered Lufi & Friends Spanish song books with built-in music, and they are fabulous! Children can push a button on the page and hear the song. In addition, the books are designed with language learning in mind. They make it super easy for little ones to learn songs in Spanish and for adults to read and sing with kids.

These Spanish song books have built in music so children can listen and sing along.

See the upper right-hand corner of the photo of the cover? It says “Presiona y canta conmigo.” Next, in the picture of La vaca Lola below you can see where you press a button to hear the song and sing along.

This book of Spanish animal songs has music built into the pages.

The songs in the books are short versions of classic canciones infantiles, and the sound quality is remarkably good. One of the things I like most about this concept is that it frees you from a device and incorporates music into reading without a screen. The books make children independent, so they can listen to the songs on their own. They learn language as they listen to native-speaker Spanish and associate the words with pictures.

These books make learning the songs so easy that you are bound to add more Spanish to your day. You will find yourself, and your kids, singing all the time.

You can find the books on the Lufi and Friends website.  One of these books is in stock on Amazon right now too: Mis primeras canciones de cuna en español. The other titles will be available there again soon.

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Lufi & Friends Spanish Song Books

The books have short versions of classic songs sung by a native Spanish speaker.

I love that these are sturdy board books, so even our littlest learners can “read” them and sing. As children listen and sing, the illustrations build comprehension with pictures of key vocabulary.

Mis primeras canciones de animales en español

This book has six classic Spanish children’s songs about animals including En la granja de mi tío, Los pollitos dicen, La mariposita, La vaca Lola, Un elefante se balanceaba and El baile de la ranita.  My granddaughter loves this book, and her parents read it and sing to her all the time!

Mis primeras canciones de cuna en español

Spanish song books with lullabies teach language and culture.

This lovely book of lullabies is a perfect bedtime book for little ones. The songs are Rema, rema, rema tu barco, Arrorró mi niño, Duerme ya, El gato y el violín, Estrellita, ¿dónde estás?, and La lechuza. 

These calming melodies and rhythms will help children settle down for bed and fill their dreams with Spanish.

Long-Lasting Learning with Spanish Song Books

Since I wrote this post, Lufi and Friends has published more books! Read about the new Spanish song books with sound here.

As I mentioned, these are durable board books. That’s important because these Spanish song books get tons of use!

As you can imagine, the kids love the buttons. Fortunately, when the music stops playing, you can change the batteries. If you’re buying from Amazon, Lufi & Friends says they have had the best luck with this brand of replacement batteries.

Raising children with two or more languages is very different today than it was when my kids were small. Technology makes it possible to expose children to authentic language in dozens of different ways. Lufi & Friends Spanish song books are one of the best ways to incorporate Spanish and culture to your child’s days.

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