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There are lots of versions of the traditional Spanish song Pedro el conejito. All of them are about a rabbit who had a fly on his nose, but it is a song that can be adapted in many ways. In some versions, the insect changes to una abeja (a bee) and then to other bugs. In other versions it is always a fly, but the body part changes.

This song is perfect for doing with actions. Young children learn Spanish best when it is combined with movement. Putting actions to the song makes it more fun to sing and also helps them learn and remember the language.

These are the most common lyrics to the Spanish song Pedro el conejito:

Pedro el conejito / Peter, the little rabbit
tenía una mosca en la nariz. / had a fly on his nose.
La espantó, (la espantó) / He scared it (he scared it)
y la mosca voló. / and the fly flew away.

The tune varies slightly. You can hear one common version in this video.

In this video you can see a group of teachers and kids singing the song and doing actions. This version changes the insect, but you can also change the body part.

José-Luis Orozco has a fun version of this song that you can download from Amazon.

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