Buena gente is a Spanish series for language learners.

Season 3 of the Spanish series Buena gente follows Sandra and Alejandro as they deal with new neighbors and prepare for a trip to Spain and a soccer tournament.

We created the series for learning Spanish, and below you’ll find free comprehension questions for Season 3. In addition, all of the seasons are “stand-alone,” so you can watch them in any order.

The concept behind Buena gente is simple. It is a video series for Spanish learners with natural conversation and situations. With this in mind, the episodes are short with built-in repetition of common structures and vocabulary. In addition, we include objects, sounds and gestures to make the language easy to understand.

Buena gente is free on YouTube, and you can find a variety of listening comprehension activities as well as information about teaching with the series here on Spanish Playground. 

Watch Season 3 of Buena gente here. Also, check out these learning materials for the other seasons of the video series Buena gente.

Comprehension Questions for the Spanish Series

These multiple choice questions cover the basic action of the series. Specifically, they incorporate key vocabulary and help learners follow the story.

Download comprehension questions for Season 3 of the Spanish series Buena Gente.

Season 3 Vocabulary Video

You can use the following short video to introduce the context and some of the key vocabulary in this season. After watching once, try to answer the questions below. Watch again to check your answers. 

– ¿Qué va a hacer Alejandro? 

– Alejandro necesita muchas cosas. ¿Cuál es la cosa más pequeña? ¿La más grande? ¿Cuál es la cosa más importante?

– ¿Qué va a hacer Sandra? 

– Sandra solo necesita dos cosas. ¿Cual es más pequeña? ¿Cuál es más grande? ¿Cuál es más importante?

¿Y té? ¿Te gustaría más jugar un partido de fútbol o hacer un viaje?

Teachers and learners have been wonderfully enthusiastic about Buena gente, and we appreciate all the feedback and encouragement we have gotten. If you have suggestions or questions, please let us know!

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