Use Spanish sentence strips to make minibooks for language learning.

I use Spanish sentences strips or fluency strips with my beginning readers. I relate the sentences to a picture and then turn them into a mini-book. Below you’ll find sets of 4 Spanish sentence strips to make mini-books.

Spanish Fluency Strips

Fluency strips give kids the opportunity to practice reading the same text repeatedly. After all, fluency takes practice, and Spanish sentence strips let you focus on high-frequency vocabulary and structures.

For an overview of fluency and why it matters, take a look at How to Develop Reading Fluency.

I make my Spanish sentence strips with familiar words. This is because I want reading the strips to be easy for my students. With familiar vocabulary, they can learn to read the words automatically and accurately.

Although I use words my students know, Spanish fluency strips are also a great way to reinforce meaning. To do that, I pair the Spanish sentences strips with pictures that support the text.

Be sure to check out our Spanish Reading for Kids page for lots more reading activities.

Mini-Books with Spanish Sentence Strips

Spanish sentence strips build reading fluency.

I made the Spanish sentence strips so that students can assemble them into mini-books. First, they cut the strips apart. Then, they put the sentences in order and staple them.

I have found that my students read mini-books over and over. Of course, that is the whole point of Spanish sentence strips, so it’s perfect.

I send these mini-books home with students so they can read them with their families too. The more practice, the better!

Spanish Paragraphs for Early Readers

Spanish sentences strips with pictures support early readers.

In the PDF you’ll also find the same sentences in paragraph form, with a larger version of the picture.

Before we read the sentence strips, I project the picture or give kids the larger version so they can see the details easily. We talk about the picture together before they make their mini-books.

Make Your Own Spanish Sentence Strips

Of course, these Spanish sentence strips may not use vocabulary that you are teach. So, you can make sentence strips related to your content or vocabulary theme.

First, find a picture that ties into the language you want to practice. Then, write sentences with repeating structures and vocabulary. I try to choose a picture that has enough detail to write 5-7 sentences.

Spanish Sentence Strip Sets

There are four sentence strip mini-books in the PDF: El conejo, La niña y la lluvia, El barquito and El avión y las flores. Download the Spanish sentence strip mini-books and the paragraphs by clicking on the images above or the text below.

Sentence Strip Mini-books and Paragraphs

Spanish sentence strip mini-books are also a great way to re-enter vocabulary and keep it fresh. I go back to themes we have done to make new mini-books with fluency strips. Let me know what you think and if you would like me to share more of my Spanish sentence strips. I’d be happy to, if you find them useful.

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