Spanish sentence building for elementary students involves choosing one word of each color to describe pictures.

With this Spanish sentence building activity, students use three words to build a sentence. They choose a word of each color to construct the sentence. In addition, each sentence describes a picture.

The vocabulary in this activity is familiar, so students understand the nouns and verbs when they read and hear them. That way, they can also associate them with the pictures.

I use this Spanish sentence building activity to introduce or reinforce grammatical patterns. Although I don’t teach grammar explicitly in the lower grades, I do take the opportunity to point out patterns. In this case, I mention the gender and number of the article and the singular or plural form of the verb.

Because I’m working with novice learners, I include pictures to support the meaning of the words. However, you can make a similar Spanish sentence building activity without the pictures. I make activities with only text for students at a higher level. If time allows, I ask them to illustrate a few of the sentences.

You can make variations of this Spanish sentence building activity by using sentences with direct objects or adjectives. Of course, Spanish has flexible word order, so you may need to accept several answers or indicate first and final words with capital letters and punctuation.

Check out more of our free activities for sentence building in Spanish, including jumbled sentences, cut and paste, sentence building from word sets and flip books. We also have Spanish sentence building games to practice common vocabulary and the verb tener.

You can download the 3-word sentences Spanish sentence building activity using the link below or by clicking on the image.

Spanish Sentence Building Activity PDF

3-Word Sentences with Pictures

Use this Spanish sentence building activity with pictures with elementary language classes.

I like sentence building activities like this one because they help kids begin to write the language. They also are a good way to point out structures like agreement of articles and verb conjugations without having to teach them explicitly.

You can find more sentence building activities online, like these sentence building activity sheets on Mommy Maestra. Spanish for You created that activity, so check out the other resources on the Spanish for You website.

What Spanish sentence building activities do you do? Share your favorites in comments!

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