The Baby Loves Science books in Spanish teach basic concepts and essential science vocabulary.

I have a hard time finding Spanish picture books that deal with science concepts, so I was thrilled to discover that the Baby Loves Science series by Ruth Spiro has bilingual editions.  These enchanting Spanish science books are wonderful for language learners!

There are many science concepts that children can understand at a young age. It makes no sense to wait until kids have a chemistry class to introduce them to the existence of molecules or until they have physics class to learn about gravity. Learning basic concepts and essential vocabulary enables kids to understand their world as they grow.

Of course, that is easy to say, but how do we introduce science concepts to young children? We do it with hands-on play and quality books like this excellent series. The Baby Loves Science books introduce children to gravity, computer programming, how planes and rockets fly, the basic building blocks of matter, and more.

Does that sound like a lot for little ones? Really, it’s not. The books are accurate, age-appropriate, and engaging. Children love them! I encourage you not to underestimate these books or your kids.

I’ll tell you more about why I like the Baby Loves Science titles in Spanish, but you should take a look at them yourself. The Baby Loves Science series has four titles available in Spanish-English bilingual editions.

Check out these Spanish science books for little ones: ¡Al bebé le encanta la gravedad!, ¡Al bebé le encantan los quarks!, ¡Al bebé le encanta codificar!, and ¡Al bebé le encanta la ingeniería aeroespacial!

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Spanish Science Books by Ruth Spiro

These Spanish science books introduce children to vocabulary and concepts in an engaging way.

This series of bilingual titles is excellent for language learners for a variety of reasons.

First, these Spanish science books introduce concepts and the related vocabulary to children in a familiar context. In other words, they frame the ideas with references, and language, that kids can relate to. Children will recognize their world in the story and illustrations –  a tower of blocks, a bird flying, a noodle falling from a high chair.

These books also provide Spanish teachers and parents excellent support for teaching science concepts because they use the language in a familiar context. Many of us have not had exposure to science vocabulary used in a kid-friendly way. These books make it easy to incorporate the language and concepts into our conversations and play.

I love Irene Chan’s illustrations, and more important, kids love them. They have appealing colors, bold lines, and the right number of familiar objects to engage kids without being cluttered.

Finally, these are sturdy board books, but they are not just for babies and toddlers. They are perfect for elementary Spanish and dual language classes. They will hold up as students read them again and again.

The Baby Love Science books in Spanish  are one of my exciting new finds of the fall. I hoping the other titles in the series will be available in bilingual editions soon. Thermodynamics, green energy, structural engineering…I need all these in kid-friendly Spanish books!

Thanks to Charlesbridge and author Ruth Spiro for providing me with copies of the books so I could share them with my readers.

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