When kids finish a book they color a book on this Spanish reading progress sheet.

We want all kids to enjoy reading, or having someone read to them. Many children like to keep track of progress, so a Spanish reading progress sheet is just the thing to motivate those language learners. Below you can download our new Spanish reading progress sheet for Spanish Summer Read and Play.

Kids color the Spanish reading progress sheet to see how many books they read during the summer. The reading log helps kids visualize their progress. Each time they finish a book, they color a book in the picture. For children reading longer books, each book in the drawing can represent 15 minutes, or whatever time or number of pages you choose with your child.

For Summer Spanish Read and Play, there is no set number of books to read or number of minutes that kids should read. It is important that the reading logs not make reading a chore.

Also, coloring the Spanish reading progress sheet should not become more of a focus than enjoying the book. Ideally, children will read regularly because they love to read. The reading progress sheet builds on the experience and give parents a chance to celebrate reading with their children.

Spanish Reading Progress Sheet 2018

This year’s Spanish reading progress sheet leaves room for your child to draw herself, other people or whatever she likes into the picture. Who or what is on the couch with the bear?

We would love to see how your child completes the picture! Please share a photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag Spanish Playground.

Download the Reading Progress Sheet for Spanish Summer Reading.

Kids color part of this printable Spanish reading progress sheet each time they finish reading a book.

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Be sure to sign up for Summer Spanish Read and Play for additional reading logs and challenges. We’ve got book lists, activities and online resources to keep kids engaged with Spanish all summer long.

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