Spanish reading program for K-6 has many effective activities for language learners.

The materials featured in this post now require a log-in. They are no longer available to the public.  For that reason, I have removed the link. I’m leaving the post to give readers an idea of the resource published by MacMillan/McGraw-Hill. 

Various publishers have wonderful support materials for their Spanish texts online. These materials include printable activities and online games and can be helpful in deciding if a Spanish reading program is right for your school or family. They can also be helpful in terms of seeing different types of activities at a variety of levels.

One of my favorite publisher resources is from Tesoros de lectura, a Spanish reading program from MacMillan/McGraw-Hill. It is the counterpart to the English program, Treasures. As a part of the Spanish reading program, the publisher makes available a variety of excellent materials for teachers and families.

Specifically, there is a weekly letter with engaging activities for parents to do with children. The activities are intended for classes using the Tesoros de lectura program, but they provide excellent examples of effective language learning materials.  These are a fabulous resource for teachers and parents working with children learning Spanish. You can find terms of use for specific products on the MacMillan/McGraw-Hill website.

Spanish Reading Program

Tesoros de Lectura from MacMillan/McGraw-Hill

On the page, you will find the section Conexión con el hogar. The content is organized by grade and each level contains letters to parents with activities to be done at home. The letters are PDF documents.

You will also see a button for Actividades para estudiantes. The content is arranged by grade level and at each level the Actividades de ortografía y vocabulario are online games. You can also access these games by clicking on the Estudiantes tab and then choosing a grade level.

On the original page, you will also find a link to Benchmark Books, simple books in Spanish. There is another section Desarrollo de destrezas de lectura y escritura which has a variety of resources for teachers, including Actividades de gramática y ortografía.

These materials in this Spanish reading program provide wonderful examples of the many kinds of activities that teachers and parents can make and use with children learning Spanish. If you would like to use specific Spanish reading program materials from the site, be sure to check the terms of use and the permissions.

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