These Spanish reading games have descriptions to go with pictures of dogs and people.

Spanish reading games are an easy way to have fun with language. For example, these two I Spy games let kids practice reading a description and matching it to a picture.

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These Spanish reading games have a printable game board with pictures. One is I Spy Dogs and the other is I Spy People, with a set of description cards for each of the game boards.

We also have a similar I Spy reading game with summer pictures.

You can play the Spanish reading games in different ways, so here are a few ideas to get you started.

How to Play

This game in Spanish has pictures of dogs and cards with descriptions.

In pairs or small groups:

  • First, one person draws a card and reads it aloud. Then, the other person finds the picture.
  • Flip one card over and read it aloud. Then, try to find the picture before the other players. Also, you can flip the board over as you read the card if you like, so that everyone starts at the same time. The person who finds the picture first keeps the card.
  • One person draws a card and reads it to herself. Then, the other person asks questions about the pictures to figure out which card it is. With the dog game, for example ¿Es blanco? (Sí.)  ¿Tiene un juguete? (No.) ¿Tiene comida? (Sí.) ¿Es este perro (pointing)? (Sí.)
  • Each player takes 5-7 cards and a pencil or different colored game markers. Then, they read the descriptions to themselves and initial or put a marker on the pictures on the game board. The first one finished wins.
  • Using just the pictures, identify items by a characteristic. For example, with the people, ¿Cuántas personas están tristes?  ¿Cuántas personas tienen algo en la mano? Busca las personas con ropa verde.
  • Without looking at the printed pictures, kids draw their own pictures for 3 cards. Then, they exchange drawings and try to match the drawings to the pictures on the sheet.

Use these I Spy Spanish reading games with beginning language learners.

Get the Reading Games

I Spy Dogs Reading Game and I Spy People Reading Game

Reading different kinds of text in a variety of contexts is important for language learners. We would love to know how these games work for your kids or students.

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