Spanish reading comprehension passages with exercises appropriate for Spanish learners.

The government of the Canary Islands has an extensive collection of educational resources online, including this page of reading comprehension exercises in Spanish. The page is the work of Mario Ramos Rodriguez, of Los Silos, Tenerife. There are readings at all levels and many are appropriate for Spanish language learners. All of them have reading comprehension exercises, and you can download and print them. You can also find many more activities on our Spanish Reading for Kids resources page.

The page from Tenerife has several different collections of texts to practice reading comprehension in Spanish. Below the link I give you a general idea of what you will find in each section.

Link to Spanish Reading Comprehension Exercises

Spanish Reading Comprehension

Lectura Comprensiva
On the left sidebar you will find a collection titled Lectura comprensiva.  The readings are listed by number, 1-13 in the sidebar and 14-21, under the heading Más lecturas in the middle of the page. These very short Spanish readings are for children in early elementary grades and include exercises like draw the story, reading comprehension questions, complete the story with given words and crossword puzzles with opposites.

Lecturas 2 Nivel (the bookshelf image)
In the center of the page, on the picture of the bookshelf, is another set of readings. These are labeled Lecturas 2 Nivel. Again, they are very short with reading comprehension questions. To give you an idea, this is the entire text of El cumpleaños:

Hoy es el cumpleaños de Marta. Ella cumple seis años. Todos sus amigos le traen muchos regalos. Ella está muy contenta. Su mamá prepara una tarta muy grande y Marta apaga todas las velitas.

Again, these readings are followed by comprehension questions and other exercises. If you want to use the readings, note that the fonts are included in the .zip file of the first reading. Installing the fonts will ensure the readings look like the originals.

Bloques de Lecturas
Below the image of the bookshelf there is a section called Bloques de Lecturas with five sets of ten short readings each. These readings are very short, but considerably more difficult than the ones I mentioned above. Many are fantasy or legends and several are short passages from well known authors. They have also have reading comprehension questions.

Lee, Completa y Contesta
Below the Bloques de lecturas, you will find a set of Spanish readings called Lee, completa y contesta. These fifteen short readings are related, using the same characters and settings in all of them. Some are actual continuations of the previous reading. In all these readings, a few very predictable words have been omitted. Children supply these words as they read – an effective way of keeping them engaged with the text. There are simple reading comprehension questions after each reading.

Biblioteca de la Aula
This is a collection of 15 readings with lots of activities for each. They are longer than the others on the page and some are more difficult, but there are also familiar stories like La piedra mágica (Stone Soup). In addition to reading comprehension exercises of different kinds, these stories have grammar and vocabulary exercises.

The final two sections on the page are a collection of dictados (dictations) and a collection called of exercises called Cuidamos la ortografía that address common spelling issues in Spanish.

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