Spanish reading comprehension games for kids to match sentences to pictures.

Are you looking for online Spanish activities to do with kids this summer? Genmagic is a portal for making web-based educational applications. It was created by teachers from Spain and has lots online Spanish games and smart board activities in many subject areas. You will find many Spanish reading comprehension games that language learners will have fun playing.

Check out our Spanish reading for kids resource page for online books, printable reading activities and activities for favorite picture books.

The Spanish reading comprehension activities on Genmagic often have versions in Catalan in the menus. If an activity loads in Catalan, there will usually be text to click to switch versions.

Genmagic has a variety of material that works well with Spanish learners. In Spanish, a smart board is a PDI (pizarra digital interactiva).  You’ll find the heading Fichas para PDI in the right sidebar. Many of the activities can be printed or kids can play online.

There are also many interactive language activities.  Explore to see which Spanish reading comprehension games work for your kids. I will mention two to give you an idea of what the activities are like.

With both of these Spanish reading comprehension activities, kids read a phrase and then click through options to make the picture match what they read.

Spanish Reading Comprehension – Descriptions

In the Spanish reading comprehension activity,  Lectura y comprensión de frases sobre las partes de la cara. Castellano kids read sentences that describe a face. They click Descubre esta cara to start. Players read phrases like mucho cabello negro, ojos verdes, nariz triangular, etc. On the picture, they click through the options for each part of the face until it matches the description. They can click Descubre esta cara at any point to get a new description.

Spanish Reading Comprehension – Objects in a Scene

Another Spanish reading comprehension activity involves changing objects in a scene to make them match a sentence. In the list of activities it is titled Lectura y comprensión de frases. Ver. castellano/catalán.

The sentences are short and use common Spanish vocabulary. The different scenes have several elements that change, but not too many.

On the menu there are six games, each with a different scene.  Juego 1 has one object that you change by clicking on it until it matches the sentence. For examples, Hay un león con los ojos cerrados.  The other levels have scenes with two, three or four objects to change.  For any of the games, click Más at the bottom to get new sentences.

Take your time to explore Genmagic. There are many Spanish reading comprehension activities for different subject areas. Consider trying games with content that children have already mastered in English. It can be a great way for kids to learn Spanish!

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