A Spanish reading comprehension activity for kids.

Isn’t Drago precioso? This photo was one of several taken for another project. I didn’t need it, but it was so cute I wanted to find a way to use it. I decided the picture was perfect for a short Spanish reading comprehension activity for beginning learners. It also makes a fun speaking activity. The photo gives kids learning Spanish a context to help them understand the text.

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For this Spanish reading comprehension activity, before you show kids the picture, ask them to imagine a dragon. Brainstorm words they would use to describe a dragon. Show them the photo and read the sentences together.

Click here for the full-size photo.

Answer these comprehension questions based on the text.

Spanish Reading Comprehension Questions

¿Cómo se llama el dragón?

¿De qué color es?

¿De qué color son los dientes?

¿La cola es larga o corta?

¿Cuántas patas tiene el dragón?

¿Qué usa para volar?

¿Qué sale de la boca del dragón?

¿Drago es simpático o feroz?

Activities with Reading Comprehension Dragon Photo

– Complete a cloze activity (fill in the blank in paragraph form) made from the text.

– Put words from the sentences into categories: partes del cuerpo, palabras descriptivas (adjetivos)

– Draw a picture of a dragon (or use a coloring page) and label it with the sentences.

– Write similar sentences about a picture of an animal.

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