Spanish reading challenges engage kids with books during the summer months.

Spanish reading challenges and progress sheets encourage children to read during the summer months. For many kids, they are a good way add language to the days they are not in school.

We have two types of challenges to kick off the summer. One is a progress sheet where kids color a child in the circle each time they read in Spanish. The other is a bingo-style card with suggestions of what or where to read in each square.

Because kids choose what they read, the challenges below are equally fun for Spanish learners or heritage speakers.

What to Read

If you are wondering what to read, we’ve included a few suggestions with each of the challenges below to get you started. You can also find a book list here, a list of of free online Spanish books here and lots of reading activities here.

Spanish Reading Progress Sheet

Spanish reading challenges keep kids engaged with language during the summer months.

This printable coloring page is a low-pressure way for kids to see how much much they have read. Each time they finish a book, or read in Spanish, they color part of the picture or put on a sticker.

It is important reading records not make reading a chore. Also, coloring the progress sheet should not become more of a focus than enjoying the book. Ideally, children will read regularly because they love to read. Spanish reading records build on the experience and give adults a chance to celebrate reading with kids.

We should keep in mind that all reading is good, and kids can read more than books. Check out this list of 15 Things for Kids to Read in Spanish Besides Books.

You can find lots of free reading online, both on Spanish Playground and other websites.
For beginners, try one of these free PDF Spanish books.
Or, for kids with more Spanish, try some of our other reading activities, like this reading about dolphins or read one of the online books from Wilbooks.

Get the Read Around the Circle Progress Sheet

Spanish Reading Bingo Card Challenge

Use this challenge to encourage kids to read in Spanish.

The bingo card reading challenge suggests different places and things to read. Kids color a square each time they complete a reading activity. They can set a goal and read to complete a row, a column, the four corners or black out the card.

The challenge includes song lyrics, games, labels, and subtitles. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Games often have reading components. Try this I Spy with clues to read on cards, or Name 3 Things where you read a card and name items in the category.

For the etiqueta square, if you don’t have a food with words in Spanish, you can read labels online. For example, try Dispensa Mexicana for a wide variety of products.

The receta square is asking kids to read a recipe, and you can find lots of recipes in Spanish online. Guia Infantil has a page titled Cocinando con niños with recipes. For example, we like this fruit salad because the vocabulary is familiar to Spanish learners, but there are many other recipes on that page and others.

Subtitles are also a fun way to read. Try a movie with subtitles, or try clicking cc on a YouTube video. We have lots on the Spanish Playground YouTube channel.

For the letra de una canción square, you can read song lyrics on a YouTube video or find suggestions for other lyrics in Spanish here: Spanish Song Lyrics for Reading Activities

Get the Summer Reading Bingo-Style Challenge

More Spanish Reading Challenges

We have additional reading challenges, logs and record sheets on Spanish Playground, some with space to write in favorite titles. Check them out by scrolling down on the Summer Reading Program Resources Page.

Spanish reading challenges are one way to promote extra engagement with the language, but they do not appeal to every child. We’ll be sharing many other activities, so pick and choose what works best for your kids, and let us know!

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