A Spanish reading activity for beginning learners based on a photo with text.

This photo with text is a good Spanish reading activity for beginning learners. The photo provides a context for new vocabulary so that kids understand the sentences. It is also a good speaking activity if you talk about the picture and the answer the questions orally.

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For the Gatos en el baño Spanish reading activity, before showing the photo, ask kids to think about the bathroom in their house. Brainstorm a list of words that they associate with the bathroom.

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Key Vocabulary in the Spanish Reading Activity

el interruptor – switch
usar – to use
prender – to turn on
apagar – to turn off
la luz – light
el cepillo de dientes – toothbrush
la pasta de dientes – toothpaste
el jabón – soap
lavar – to wash
la mano – hand
el gato – cat
el lavabo – sink
azul – blue

Questions for Spanish Reading Activity

1. Apagas la luz en el baño. ¿Qué usas para hacerlo?
2. ¿Qué necesitas para cepillarte los dientes?
3. ¿Qué usas para lavarte las manos? ¿Queda mucho o poco jabón?
4. ¿Dónde están los gatos?
5. ¿De qué color es el lavabo?
6. ¿Qué hay en el baño de tu casa?

CC Image by ismael villafranco


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