Spanish rain songs to teach children vocabulary and the verb llover.

I am just finishing a preschool unit on rain. We have had fun singing lots of Spanish rain songs.  We have also played fun rain games that help kids master the vocabulary associated with rain and storms. I like to give them lots of practice with the different forms of llover, and singing is a great way to do that. Try these Spanish rain songs with your kids.

If the song is available on iTunes, I linked the title so that you can listen to the clip and buy the song if you like. If there is a video on YouTube, I linked to that too, but several of the songs are not available there.

I have included a printable with pictures for one of the Spanish rain songs I sing with my students. Please share the activities you do with Spanish rain songs in comments!

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Spanish Rain Songs for Kids

¿Cómo está el clima? by Miss Rosi – This is an excellent song to start any kind of weather unit or to sing every day at calendar time. I love it because it teaches the most natural question: ¿Cómo está el clima? It is pretty, clear and kids love it!

Que llueva by José Luis Orozco -This is an excellent version of the traditional song Que llueva. Instead of the traditional lyrics of la virgen está en la cueva or la vieja está en la cueva, this version mentions 6 animals important in Latin American culture: el quetzal, el cóndor, el venado, la llama, la serpiente y la tortuga.

Activity with Que llueva by José Luis Orozco
We do an activity with this song where we put each of the animals into the cave as we sing. We make a cave out of a box and use paper cut-outs of the animals.  Here is a printable with the animals in the song that kids can color first.

Lluvia by Calico Spanish – I taught this song for the first time this year, and it was a hit.  It is short, fun to sing, and kids enjoy clapping out the rhythm. They also loved putting their arms over their heads to keep from getting wet.

Llueve by Spanish Together – I like this rain song because it is simple and kids get to run. It is perfect for my youngest students.

Canta la lluvia a la tierra – This is a very pretty rain song from Cantoalegre. It is wonderful for kids who are a little older or have more Spanish. It is not complicated, but it has a little more vocabulary. You find this song on Cantoalegre’s site Música Libre. Under Colecciones on the left, click on Agua pasó por aquí. The song is one of many pretty water songs available to download from that collection.

CC photo by Barney Moss

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