Image of 3 pages of Spanish question words practice activities.

Spanish question words are essential vocabulary and learners need to practice them in different contexts. The activity pages below are an excellent way to practice Spanish question words.

Each of these pages has a set of pictures. The pictures are related, but also show different objects, colors and actions. On each page, there are questions about the pictures to read and answer.

You can find more activities for vocabulary activities grouped by theme on our Spanish for Kids Vocabulary activities page.

Practice Spanish Question Words with Pictures

The formatting and the number of questions make this a search and find activity for kids. Because there are 6 -12 pictures in each set and 10-20 questions for each page, kids search for the picture that answers the question. This way, they can get lots of practice with questions and it feels like a game.

As I mentioned, there are lots of questions on each page. There is no need to ask all the questions each time you do this activity. You can choose a few and then go on to another set of pictures.

This is a fun activity to practice Spanish question words and other vocabulary during the summer. It is also a great activity for a few minutes at the end of class, and there are lots of ways to structure it. For example, you can do these with a large group by numbering the images when you project them. That makes it easy for kids to answer the questions with a number.

Spanish Question Words

The questions on these practice sheets include a yes-no questions and these Spanish question words:

¿Cuántos? ¿Cuántas? – How many?

¿Quién? ¿Quiénes? – Who?

¿Dónde? – Where?

¿Cuál? – Which/ What?

¿Qué? – What?

¿De qué color? – What color?

There are also imperative statements such as Encuentra la mariposa verde and Cuenta las banderas.

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Vocabulary in the Spanish Question Words Practice

In addition to practicing Spanish question words, kids learn other vocabulary with this activity.

To describe the pictures, the questions incorporate common nouns and adjectives. This is some of the high-frequency vocabulary on these activity sheets. These are not all the words, but they will give you an idea of the content of the questions.

Insecto – Insect
Abeja – Bee
Mariposa – Butterfly
Mariquita – Ladybug

Color – Color
Azul – Blue
Rosado – Pink
Verde – Green
Rojo – Red
Blanco – White
Negro – Black

Animales – Animals
Ardilla – Squirrel
Mapache – Racoon
Erizo – Hedgehog
Búho – Owl
Rana – Frog
Conejo – Rabbit
Lobo – Wolf
Oso – Bear
Pez – Fish
Perro – Dog
Zorro – Fox
Cerdo – Pig
Oveja – Sheep
Vaca – Pig
Foca – Seal
Cangrejo – Crab
Estrella de mar – Starfish

Ojos – Eyes
Boca – Mouth
Lengua – Tongue
Nariz – Nose
Dientes – Teeth
Pelo – Hair
Cabeza – Head
Corazón – Heart

Palo – Stick
Pelota – Ball
Nuez – Nut
Lentes – Glasses
Campana – Bell
Camiseta – T-shirt

Nube – Cloud
Estrella- Star
Planeta – Planet
Tierra – Earth

This is one way to practice Spanish question words with kids. Of course, there are many other activities to learn this important vocabulary. Check out some of our Spanish question games like El repollo and these printable Spanish board games with questions. Also, we have a variety of guessing games with questions on YouTube. Take a look at Fruit in Spanish | Learn Spanish Games and check out our other videos, too.

Do you have a fun way to practice Spanish question words at home or in class? We’d love to hear what works for you, so share your ideas in the comment section below.

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