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I made two printables to use with a listening activity I do with pictures of snowmen. These activities involve matching words to pictures and ordering syllables to form the same words. The same vocabulary is used in the listening activity, where kids find the snowman that is being described.  See and download the printable snowman listening activity and the script. The script can also be adapted as a reading activity.

This is the vocabulary in the matching and syllable activities:
el muñeco de nieve – snowman
la nieve – snow
el sombrero – hat
la bufanda – scarf
la escoba – broom
la zanahoria – carrot
los botones – buttons
rojo – red
verde – green
negro – black
anaranjado – orange

Links to printable activities:
Snowman Vocabulary Matching Activity

The listening activity also includes these common words:
la nariz – nose
los ojos – eyes
la boca – mouth
los brazos – arms
los lentes de sol – sunglasses

Printable Build-a-Snowman Activities
You can find lots of printable snowman templates to use with kids learning Spanish. Use the vocabulary as you cut out and assemble the snowman. Here are a few to get you started:

I also like this pattern for a snowman from

Timvandevall has several printable templates to assemble a snowman.

There are also lots of snowman crafts that you can do to speak Spanish with kids. Most of them let you use the vocabulary listed above in context as you build a snowman. A search of snowman crafts on Pinterest will give you many options.


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