These Spanish PowerPoint games use high-frequency vocabulary and make an excellent get-to-know-you activity.

These Spanish PowerPoint games are a fun get-to-know-you or back-to-school activity. They use photos and include lots of comprehensible input and movement. In addition, they are low-prep for teachers and low-stress for students starting the new school year.  View and download the Spanish PowerPoint games below.

Spanish PowerPoint Games: Get-To-Know-You Activities

You can use these Spanish PowerPoint games anytime, but they make an excellent get-to-know-you activity. I look for specific things in a a back-to-school activity, and I created these games with the first days of class in mind.

First, I am trying to build community. I want students to get to know their classmates and learn what they have in common. The photos all have two options, and students are express their opinion by moving to one side of the room or the other.

However, I am also looking for an activity that is interesting even if students know each other well. Some of my groups have siblings, or student who have been taking Spanish together for years. These Spanish PowerPoint games are fun regardless of how well students know each other.

Second, I want students to hear a lot of familiar Spanish. They need input and review, but it is not my goal for them to produce much at this point. With these Spanish PowerPoint games, students answer with actions, and do not have to produce the language unless you structure the games that way.

Third, I want to make sure the input is so well supported that comprehension is essentially effortless. The photos I chose for these Spanish PowerPoint games are very clear and you can form many different questions with high-frequency vocabulary.

Last, I’m looking for an active game, where students have to move. The first days set the mood of class going forward. I expect my students to move a lot. When my students are moving, they are learning and having fun.

You may want to read about other back-to-school activities on Spanish Playground. As the school year starts, I review school supply vocabulary and establish routines with greeting songs, clean-up songs and good-bye songs. This Habla Jorge school supply video is also an excellent way to start the year.

Spanish PowerPoint Games: Variations

You can play any number of Spanish PowerPoint games with these photos, by varying the script and the response.

  • Students hear a question about the photo on the slide. They move to the side of the room, or to the side of a line, to indicate their answer. This is the way I play this game.

If your students are at a higher level and can provide a reason for their answers, they can tell someone on their side why they answered the way they did. You can also have one person from each side give a reason to the whole class, either personally or after each side has conferred.

  • Students hear a question about the photo on the slide. They circulate and find someone who agrees with them. Together they formulate a reason for their answer.
  • Students form two circles, one inside the other, and face each other. For each slide, they talk to the person facing them and answer the question they hear. One of the circles rotates for each slide and students talk to someone new.
  • Students create their own questions for the pictures on the slide and ask a partner.

You can see the photos in the PowerPoint by clicking through the presentation below.

Download Spanish PowerPoint Games and Script

Download the PowerPoint presentation – ¿Cuál te gusta más? – 20 Slides

Please note, I use Keynote, but I saved the presentation as a PowerPoint file because more people use it. You may need to adjust the spacing and font size when you open the file in PowerPoint.

The script below has basic ¿Te gusta más….o…? questions. There are endless ways to vary the questions to make them more interesting and more challenging. For example, you can change ¿Te gustan más los perros o los gatos? to ¿Cuál te gustaría más? ¿lavar un perro o lavar un gato? 

Below is one possible script for to use with the photos. Most are ¿Te gusta más..? questions, although I use ¿Te gustaría? for completely hypothetical questions. Of course, you can change the question to ¿Prefieres?, ¿Prefererías? or anything else you like.

You can also change the content of the questions entirely to ask, for example, ¿Cuáles son más inteligentes? ¿Los perros o los gatos?

Download a PDF of the script for the Spanish PowerPoint games. – ¿Cuál te gusta más? – Script

1. ¿Te gustan más los perros o los gatos?
2. ¿Te gusta más montar en bicicleta o montar a caballo?
3. ¿Te gusta más una camiseta azul o una camiseta roja?
4. ¿Te gusta más cocinar o jugar a las cartas?
5. ¿Te gusta más hablar por teléfono o leer?
6. ¿Te gusta más el helado o las papas (a la francesa)?
7. ¿Te gusta más jugar con legos o con una pelota?
8. ¿Te gusta más estar (jugar) en la lluvia o en la nieve?
9. ¿Te gusta más usar tenis azules o tenis blancos?
10. ¿Te gusta más leer o nadar?
11. ¿Te gusta más un gorro negro o un gorro morado?
12. ¿Te gustaría más tener un pájaro en la mano o una tortuga en la mano?
13. ¿Te gusta más pintar o correr?
14. ¿Te gusta más la sandía o las manzanas?
15. ¿Te gustaría más ser doctora o ser maestra?
16. ¿Te gustaría más ver un delfín o un elefante?
17. ¿Te gustaría más viajar en tren o en avión?
18. ¿Te gustaría más ver en tu casa una serpiente o una araña?
19. ¿Te gusta más dibujar con marcadores o pintar con los dedos?
20. ¿Te gustan más los huevos o el cereal?

You can use these Spanish PowerPoint games in other ways and at any time of year. They are good back-to-school activities, but they are also a great review of common vocabulary and the verb gustar. Do you have favorite Spanish PowerPoint games? Please share your ideas in the comments below.


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