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Antonio Selfa Molina is a performer and composer from Spain. He is also a teacher. Last year, he recorded Spanish poems for children set to his music. These poems are by some of the great poets of Spanish literature, including Lope de Vega, Amado Nervo, and Nicolás Guillen. There are also poems by well-known contemporary writers like Pedro Villar and Floria Jiménez.

Be sure to check out our poetry resource page Spanish Poems for Kids.  It has more poems for children and information about sharing them with language learners.

Several of these Spanish poems for children can be used effectively with language learners, specifically Buen viaje by Amado Nervo (Mexico), A pisar los charcos and Vocales by Pedro Villar (Spain), and La tortuga Pocaprisa by Floria Jiménez (Costa Rica). These poems have simple, direct language and are accessible to children learning Spanish.

Although you could certainly teach these poems without the music, Antonio Selfa’s songs help bring them to life. The tempo and melodies fit the content and will reinforce the meaning of the language. ¡A pisar los charcos! is a great example of this, with the rhythm calling to mind feet splashing in puddles. The same is true of La tortuga Pocaprisa; as you might guess, the song does not rush along. In addition, the clear pronunciation of each sound makes these songs a wonderful way to teach the poetry.

¡A pisar los charcos!

A pisar los charcos
a tocar el cielo,
a mirar las nubes
dentro de un espejo.

Vamos muy deprisa
hay agua en la calle,
a pisar los charcos
que no falte nadie.

Bailan las estrellas
en el firmamento,
reflejo en el agua,
corazón abierto.

musicado e interpretado por A. SELFA)

La tortuga Pocaprisa

La tortuga Pocaprisa
tiene su modo de andar:
camina un poco y se para
a ver el viento pasar.

La tortuga Pocaprisa
tiene su modo de andar:
si descansa, no camina,
y el viento la deja atrás.

La tortuga Pocaprisa
tiene su modo de andar:
pasan las nubes corriendo
y el tiempo las deja atrás.

Tiene el niño su sonrisa,
tiene sus olas el mar:
la tortuga Pocaprisa
tiene su modo de andar.

musicado e interpretado por A. Selfa)

Antonio Selfa has a lovely voice, and adults will enjoy his music, too. His songs are on Soundcloud; just click más canciones on any of the players. He has a CD available in Spain, but I have not yet been able to find his music to purchase in the United States.


A de la mar,
E del ayer,
I del jazmín,
O del amor,
U del azul.

La a flota en el agua
que acuna el mar.
La e vive en los sueños,
en la espuma y la pared.
La i tiene una isla
donde vive feliz.
La o se moja en el río,
se oculta bajo la flor;
Y la u duerme en la ducha,
el humo y el avestruz.

(Poema de Pedro Villar
musicado por A. Selfa)
Voces: Antonio y Violeta Selfa

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