Three online resources for finding Spanish poems for kids.

Poems in Spanish are a wonderful way for children to experience and learn the language. These three websites all have resources for reading and writing poems in Spanish with children in elementary school. The first two have PDFs that you can download and print, and the third is a website with many activities to use individually or in a poetry workshop.

Be sure to check out our poetry resource page Spanish Poems for Kids.  It has more poems for children and information about sharing them with language learners.

1. El Rincón del Maestro is a site from Spain with materials for various levels. This link is the page of poetry resources. Many of the poetry activities in the document Poesias Infantiles, under Actividades 1 Ed. Primaria, can be used with Spanish language learners. It is a large PDF with lots of poems. Quite a few have embedded pictures or illustrations.

2. This material is from the Ministry of Education of Argentina. They have many resources online to support rural schools, distance education. Here you will find Recursos de Poemas para Inicial y Primer Ciclo, 4 free downloads of poems excepted from the collection Crecer en Poesía. Click on the title to go to a page where you can download the PDF. The PDFs are large and take a little while to load into the viewer, but they are a wonderful resource.

3. Jornadas de Poesía is a site with poems and activities divided by grade level. Unfortunately, this resource has moved or removed. I am leaving the information below with the hope of locating the information. The website offered a selection of activities for working with Spanish poems for children in a taller general de poesía, or a general poetry workshop.

Each of the links on the workshop page opens a description of the activity (in Spanish) and several also have examples of student work. There are dozens of activities. These are a few from the list that can be used effectively with Spanish language learners:

Adquisición del concepto de rima
La maleta poeta – You would choose simpler rhyming words for beginning learners)
Los sobres secretos
Inventa completa un poema – This is a structured poem where children fill in phrases.
El juego del eco
El poema disparate
Recitando verbos
Pregones – This activity is based on venders inventing and calling out rhyming phrases to sell their wares.
Tabla de multiplicar en poesía – This activity combines multiplication tables and rhyming phrases. It is super fun!
Memorización y dibujo de poemas breves

Following the list of activities with descriptions, there are 12 more suggestions of ways to use poems in Spanish with children. Be sure to take a look!

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