The poem Los pollitos and reading comprehension questions are a good lession for children learning Spanish.

The poem Los pollitos by Argentine author Olegario Víctor Andrade is fun to read with children learning Spanish. Andrade lived in the 1800s, so all of his original work is in the public domain. This is my printable of the poem Los pollitos with questions.

I use the poem Los pollitos with classes in the spring, often when we are learning the traditional song. I have printable materials for the song here.

Be sure to check out our poetry resource page Spanish Poems for Kids.  It has more poems for children and information about sharing them with language learners.

The Poem Los Pollitos and Spanish Learners

– Common adjectives: bonitos, chiquitos, preciosos, tiernos, graciosos
– Common verbs: pían, corren, saltan, buscan, vienen, van, se pelean
– Lots of rhyming words. Ask kids to find words that rhyme with pollitos (menuditos, chiquitos, finitos, bonitos), preciosos (sedosos, graciosos), van (pan), cesar (pasear).
– The poem is fun for children to illustrate, especially the second and third stanzas because they have lots of action.
– Kids can act out the poem as the narrator, the chicks, doña Clueca, and the cat. They can be the characters or use puppets.
– The poem lends itself to comprehension questions: ¿Cómo son los pollitos? ¿Qué hacen los pollitos? ¿Por qué se pelean? ¿Quién los vigila? ¿De qué los defiende doña Clueca?

Los pollitos

Son preciosos
mis pollitos
Son tan tiernos,
tan chiquitos,
tan sedosos,
tan finitos,
que en el mundo
no hay pollitos
tan bonitos.

Pían, corren,
hurgan, saltan,
buscan, chillan,
vienen, van,
se pelean
como locos
por un pedazo
de pan.

La señora
doña Clueca
los vigila
sin cesar.
Los defiende
de los gatos
y los saca
a pasear.

Son tan tiernos,
tan chiquitos,
tan sedosos,
tan finitos,
que en el mundo
no hay pollitos
más graciosos
más bonitos
que mis pollos

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