A Spanish poem for kids about animals and how they move.

April is National Poetry Month in the United States. It is an excellent time to share a Spanish poem with children who are learning the language.

Poetry can be clear, relate directly to kids’ experiences and use everyday words. In addition, carefully chosen poems let children experience the sound and rhythm of Spanish at the earliest stages of language learning.

Our poetry resource page Spanish Poems for Kids has more poems for children and information about sharing them with language learners.

Rimando ando is a Spanish poem by Douglas Wright of Argentina. The poem is especially effective because it has illustrations and a version set to music so that children can hear the rhyme and native-speaker pronunciation.

The verb andar is used throughout the poem in its most general sense of “to move through a space”. In the first lines of each stanza, anda is paired with something and the space it moves through: esta mariposa anda por la plaza, este gusanito anda por el piso, este gato blanco anda por el pasto, esta nube rosa anda por el cielo, este pajarito anda por la rama, este oso blanco anda por el polo. This pattern lets children predict the meaning of words they are not familiar with and also helps them understand this common use of the verb.

Each of the four-line stanzas is accompanied by an illustration.. The images correspond closely to the text, so they support comprehension. Douglas Wright has given me permission to reproduce his poems on Spanish Playground. I strongly encourage you visit El Jardín de Douglas, his blog. There you can see the illustrations and share them with children reading the poem.

On El Jardín de Douglas, you will also find the poem set to music. Just scroll to the end of the poem and click on the player. The title of the poem, Rimando ando, is the chorus of the song.

As always, my heartfelt thanks to Douglas for so generously sharing his work with his readers, my readers, and all the children who learn and love his poetry.

Rimando ando por Douglas Wright

Esta mariposa
Anda por la plaza,
Se posa en las flores,
Vuela hasta su casa.

Este gusanito
Anda por el piso,
Entra al agujero
Que él mismo hizo.

Este gato blanco
Anda por el pasto,
Y de un solo salto
Vuelve a su canasto.

Esta nube rosa
Anda por el cielo,
Baja hasta la plaza
Y remonta el vuelo.

Este pajarito
Anda por la rama,
Se mete en el nido,
Se acuesta en su cama.

Este oso blanco
Anda por el polo,
Juega con la nieve
Cuando está muy solo.

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