This Spanish poem for children has color and natural world vocabulary.

Reading El jardín de Douglas recently, I was happy to find a new Spanish poem for children that I think is especially well suited to using with Spanish language learners.

Douglas Wright is well-known poet, author and illustrator from Argentina. Finding his books in this country is not easy, but he generously shares his work on his blog El jardín de Douglas. I greatly appreciate his permission to share this Spanish poem for children with my readers!

Our poetry resource page Spanish Poems for Kids has more poems for children and information about sharing them with language learners.

Una poesía de parches is an excellent poem for Spanish learners because the language is familiar to kids and because it is very visual. It is a poem about patches and colors. It is also about poems and blankets made of patches and colors. I have not had a chance to use this Spanish poem for children in class yet. Below are a few of the ideas that I am excited to try and the text of the poem.

Ideas for Using the Spanish Poem for Children Una poesía de parches

  • Kids can make their own manta (a paper representation) with the words of the poem on squares of different colors.
  • Kids could follow the structure of the poem and change what the colors represent to personalize the second and fourth stanzas. This is a good way to talk about rhyme if they change all four lines, or they could change the first and third lines of each stanza and not affect the rhyme scheme of the poem.
  • Kids can make their own manta de papel with words representing what each color means to them.
  • This would be an excellent poem to teach metáfora. Children could make a manta de metáforas using the structure un parche (color) es el/la (cosa). They could put one metaphor on each colored square of the manta de metáforas.

I will share the poem here, but be sure to look at the illustration of the poem using the link below. It makes the poem especially clear for children learning Spanish.

Una poesía de parches

Una poesía de parches
de cuadritos de color,
como una manta tejida,
tejida con mucho amor.

Un parche azul es el cielo
y uno amarillo es el sol,
y un parche verde es la plaza
donde todo es resplandor.

Unos parches de poesías,
de poesías de color,
tejidos como una manta,
como una manta de amor.

Un parche negro es la noche
y un parche blanco es el día,
uno gris es la tristeza
y uno rojo es la alegría.

Una poesía de parches
de cuadritos de color,
tejida como una manta,
como una manta de amor.

Spanish Poem for Children – Una poesía de parches by Douglas Wright

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Photo Credit: TinyApartmentCrafts via Compfight cc

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