spanish photo scavenger hunts

Digital photography is a wonderful tool for language learning. Photo scavenger hunts are great fun and can be child-centered to the extent that kids get to chose what they take pictures of, as long as it fits the clue.

I have included three printable scavenger hunts with this post. They can easily be adapted to fit language learners of different ages and levels.

Photo scavenger hunts for language learners should:

– Be structured to make the task achievable and useful.
– Be designed to deal with new vocabulary in a meaningful way.
Children may easily understand a clue like algo de metal, but then take a photo of something that they do not have the vocabulary to name, for example a screwdriver.
Your options are to
1) Include looking up new vocabulary as a part of the activity, after they have taken the pictures.
2) Limit kids to taking pictures of objects they can name in Spanish. If you do this, you need to sure the clues fit objects in their vocabulary. For beginners, It is easiest to make of list of words you are sure they know and work backward, writing clues that fit those items.

Include follow-up to use the language in complete sentences and provide repetition.
1) Make a book, slide show, or display. Use a pattern sentence like Vi un carro rojo, Encontré un carro rojo, or En la foto, hay un carro rojo for all of the photos.
2) Play games with the pictures by printing them and making cards. Match them to the clues, play memory, or identify the cards as someone reads the clues aloud.

Printable Scavenger Hunts for Spanish Learners

Busca los colores
Busca los opuestos
Un poco de todo

You can find more printable treasure and scavenger hunts and tips for making them successful language activities in this post: Printable Spanish game – Treasure hunts and scavenger hunts.
I also shared my printables for looking, listening and nature walks. They can be adapted to photo scavenger hunts as well.

Photo Credit: Ronald (Ron) Douglas Frazier via Compfight cc

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