An image of a woman and man who appear in a past tense Spanish video.

Stories are an effective, fun way to learn language in context. The past tense Spanish story video we feature in this post is La vecina. Pamela uses the preterite and imperfect tenses to narrate a humorous story about a series of misunderstanding with a neighbor. The narration also includes a variety of household vocabulary. You’ll find a free set of activities to download below.

We have lots of Spanish video stories on our YouTube channel. In each video, Juan or Pamela narrates an anecdote, focusing on a few key structures. The stories have built-in repetition to provide repeated exposure to the vocabulary and verbs.

You can find more information and additional activities for these video stories on the Spanish Video Stories page.

Past Tense Video Activities

There are lots of ways to use this past tense video in Spanish. The free download below has several activities for La vecina including:

  • a vocabulary activity
  • a sequencing activity
  • comprehension questions

The activities for our other video stories include:

  • listening practice where students fill in key words
  • comprehension questions about the story
  • a paragraph with a written version of the story and comprehension questions
  • prompts to retell the story

You can also:

  • ask students to illustrate the story
  • ask students to change one element in the story or change the ending

Additional Spanish Learning Materials

If you are interested in additional learning materials for our videos, be sure to check out the Spanish Playground YouTube Channel Membership. We offer a variety of video-based activities several times a month.

La vecina: Past Tense Spanish Video

In this video, Pamela tells Juan about a series of misunderstandings when a neighbor helped take care of the house while she was traveling.

You can watch the video on YouTube at Intermediate Spanish Story | Household Vocabulary | La vecina.

Activities for La vecina

Get a free set of activities for this video here: La vecina video activities.

More Spanish Stories

We’ll continue adding Spanish stories to our present and past tense playlists on the Spanish Playground YouTube channel. They all focus on a limited number of target structures and have built-in repetition. We film them with native speakers and add gestures and expressions to make them comprehensible for novice learners.

Your feedback helps us decide what materials to create, so we would love to hear how these stories work for you or your students.

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