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These two sites have online Spanish games that kids can use to practice vocabulary related to different professions. The first is an online activity with images of tools used by different professions and scrambled words. Players simply unscramble the word and type it in the blank using capital letters and, of course, accents if needed.

The websites that hosted these games are no longer active. If I find the games on new sites, I’ll update the links.

I like this game because it only show tools to represent the professions and not people. Students have to be sure they are using the letters provided and be careful of assumptions about gender to get the correct answer.

The scrambled professions are:

Link to Online Spanish Game

Professions – Scrambled Words

This second set of games has lots of Spanish audio. Aula365 now requires kids to create an account to play. The registration is free. In the menu below the 4 pictures, go to Ciencias sociales and then Formación ciudadana.

There are several activities and they all have to with professions. For example,  in one game players group tools used by a doctor or a gardener by dragging them into different cases. After each object is placed in the right place, the narrator explains what it is used for. There are also activities to identify objects and relate workers to the place they work. After the narrator finishes the introduction, click on the moving parts of the picture to start a game. When they finish a game, players can reach the other activities about professions by click on mis juegos in the lower right hand corner.

Link to Online Spanish Games with Audio

Various Activities about Professions

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