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In the game La Rueda del Saber, the Wheel of Knowledge, players answer questions in different categories. This online version from Spain is for elementary school students and has categories like lenguaje, matemáticas, conocimiento del medio and cultura general.

There are three levels and many of the questions in level 1 have vocabulary that Spanish language learners will know. The questions also have lots of cognates, so kids will understand key words even though they may not have seen them in Spanish before. Recognizing these words is an important skill and this game is an excellent way for kids to practice “guessing” the meaning of words by relating them to similar words in English.

As you play this game with children learning Spanish, I encourage you to read the questions aloud. The inflection and phrasing will make it easier for them to understand.

There is a time limit of 20 seconds in which to answer. All of the questions are multiple choice, so as time runs out, kids can guess. If they are wrong, the correct answer is shown. These are examples of the questions in level 1:

– Uno de los números no es mayor que 500: 674, 467, 546
– Las voces y los ruidos los conocemos por: el oído, la vista, el tracto
– Se usan en medicina para ver los huesos: los rayos ultravioleta, los rayos infrarrojos, los rayos X
– Cuál de estos alimentos no es un vegetal: tomate, sardina, espinacas
– Los sustantivos que nombran a más de una cosa están en: singular, plural, pasado
– Una de estas palabras no corresponde a un familiar: tío, amigo, hermano
– Es un instrumento de cuerda: la trompeta, la guitarra, el saxofón
– Las semillas de los árboles están en: las frutas, las raíces, las hojas

In level 1, there are one or two questions that are very specific to Spain, but most are about information that elementary school students, especially those in upper grades, will know.

The game begins with an introduction about a Samurai and a princess that is intended to provide some context. Click on Saltar intro if you want to skip this little story.

Link to Online Spanish Game

Question Game in Spanish – La Rueda del Saber

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