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I have used Cuadernos Digitales Vindel many times when I needed basic math problems or language activities and did not have time to start from scratch. These workbooks are an excellent way to work with Spanish numbers, math concepts and all kinds of vocabulary. The material can serve as a springboard for a lesson. It also makes a good review of material you have covered. All of the math and language workbooks are available to print or download as PDFs free of charge.

Since the time I published this post, the site that hosted these PDFs has been removed. If I find them on another site, I’ll add a link.

Each lesson has a math story problem with a series of related questions. These problems have vocabulary related to Spanish numbers and math concepts and also basic general vocabulary. The materials are from Spain, so you may want to adapt some of the words. I have used the variations in vocabulary as a way to teach synonyms and talk about regional uses. Most of the vocabulary in the lessons is very standard.

The activities in the workbooks are not limited to typical math problems and Spanish numbers. They also have a clear language focus. This is important because an essential component of math is reading comprehension. Each lesson has one sentence completion activity where kids draw from a word bank. For example, Lección 14 has this problem:
Completa la frase con estas palabras:
meses – año – semana

El ___________ tiene doce ___________ y la _____________ siete días.

Many of the lessons also have a problem where kids associate related phrases. For example, Lección 7 has this problem.
Relaciona las siguientes frases:
En el supermercado rebajaron los precios.
En el supermecado subieron los precios.
The choices to associate with the sentences are Las cosas cuestan más and Las cosas cuestan menos.

Finally, many of the problems can be easily adapted to hands-on activities with simple materials. The first problem of each lesson is based on a picture. For example, this is the problem in Lección 5, and it is accompanied by a drawing of three glasses:
La mamá llenó los vasos de agua para la comida. El de Pedro lo llenó del todo, el de su hermana Marta lo dejó por la mitad y el de su marido lo dejó vacío. Escribe debajo de cada vaso el nombre de su propietario.

It would be easy to make a series of similar descriptions and practice the concepts, vocabulary and reading skills by filling glasses of water.

Digital Workbooks with Spanish Numbers and Language

Since the time I published this post, the site that hosted these PDFs has been removed. If I find them on another site, I’ll add a link.

Cuaderno Comprensión Matemáticas 1

Cuaderno Comprensión Matemáticas 2

Los Cuadernos Digitales Vindel are a great resource of authentic language and also a good example of the kind of materials that can be successfully adapted to use with Spanish language learners.

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