spanish numbers 1-20

The video below by Fiestikids is a great review of the Spanish numbers 1-20. It teaches kids how to express multiplication in Spanish by showing the multiplication table for the number 2. In fact, this short video models the two most common ways of sayings these mathematical expressions. Even if your kids are not doing multiplication yet, it is a good way to learn or review these numbers. The video also has excellent native-speaker audio.

When the video starts, there is a one-sentence explanation of multiplication. If your child is just beginning to learn Spanish, listen together for the word número. The narrator will say it four times before he begins saying the multiplication table.

Next, the video will show the multiplication table for the number 2. The multiplication is expressed this way: Dos por dos es igual a cuatro.  As you hear the equation, it appears on the screen. In the one minute it takes the video to reach dos por diez es igual a viente, your child will have reviewed the Spanish numbers from 1-20.

The rhythm of the narration is perfectly regular and kids will quickly be able to join in on the words that are repeated each time (Dos por…es igual a..) even if they cannot quickly come up with the other number or the answer. Because the numbers also appear on the screen, this is an excellent way to associate the sound and the numeral.

When the video finishes the multiplication table, there is a review. In other words, the table is repeated, but using the other, shorter way of expressing multiplication: Dos por uno, dos. Dos por dos, cuatro. Again, the equations appear on the screen, reinforcing the sound and its connection to the number.

If you have kids learning Spanish, encourage them to try to say the multiplication table with the audio. The visual of the numbers and symbols appearing on the screen will help them keep the rhythm. It is great practice for numbers and pronunciation, not to mention basic math!

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