These online Spanish number games teach kids to count.

Teaching children numbers in Spanish is fairly easy, so you might wonder why you would ever put a young child in front of a computer screen to play a game to learn to count. However, online Spanish number games or apps can be a useful supplement to hands-on learning for several reasons.

Spanish number games provide exposure to native speaker pronunciation. Non-native speakers need to be sure their kids are hearing the numbers, and other key vocabulary, pronounced accurately so that they absorb and imitate the correct sounds.

Number games also expose children to additional language. They learn key math vocabulary like número (number), contar (count), siguiente (next), más (plus), and igual (equal). In addition, these games are intended for native speakers, so as kids listen to the instructions and play the game, they hear conjugated verbs in context and learn the vocabulary for the objects they are counting.

Often children who learn to count in a second language are memorizing the sounds, but are not really associating the sound with a number of objects. Many Spanish number games online let children practice one-to-one correspondence, so that they are learning the concept that the sound represents.

Finally, well-made Spanish number games are high-interest and hold a child’s attention. This means kids play long enough to learn from the native speaker audio, the additional language in the game, and the presentation of math concepts.

Spanish Number Games

PBS offers a variety of number games in Spanish.

These games are very well made and will appeal to kids who are learning their numbers and basic number concepts. These are just a few of the Spanish number games available.

Revienta Burbujas – Kids click on the bubble to burst it and hear the number pronounced.

Conejitos de Paseo – Kids steer a car to pick up carrots for the rabbits. Each carrot is counted and the total number shows on the side.

Cuenta con Allie – Kids click on a number and get that many objects to count. Be sure to click on Allie so that she counts aloud each time. There is quite a bit of extra language in this game as Allie comments on the objects.

Cosechemos Vegetales – Kids click on vegetables to pick and count them. This game has lots of repetition. It also uses más (plus) and es igual a (is equal to), introducing kids to important math vocabulary. Kids will also learn vegetable vocabulary with this game.

Choca Esos Cinco – This game teaches children to count by fives.

You’ll find other fun online Spanish activities from PBS. We all want to make sure screen time is valuable learning time, and PBS has engaging, quality games.

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