Celebrate 2019 with this Spanish New Year word search and I spy game.

Are you planning a New Year’s celebration with friends and family? These Spanish New Year games are fun for kids and add a little language practice to the evening or New Year’s Day.

The I Spy picture search has Spanish New Year vocabulary. Beginning learners can practice numbers, colors and words we associate with the celebration.

If you’re looking for more activities for specific vocabulary, check out all our Spanish vocabulary games grouped by theme.

Spanish New Year Video

This video is a fun addition to a Spanish New Year lesson or celebration.  It has some of the vocabulary in the word search, such as año nuevo, uvas, familia, amigos.

Spanish New Year Word Search

The word search has some higher level vocabulary, including words like esperanza,  felicidad and prosperidad. Help kids associate these words with esperar, feliz and the greeting Próspero Año Nuevo.

Kids will learn more from both Spanish New Year activities if you use the words in sentences and encourage them to do the same. With the I Spy picture search, use the verbs hay, veo, or encontré to say how many of each object you find.

If you are celebrating the New Year with children learning Spanish, or talking about el Año Nuevo with a class, you may also want to share the tradition of eating twelve grapes at midnight as the New Year begins. You can learn more about that tradition and find a Spanish Playground activity based on the tradition here.

Download the Spanish New Year Games

New Year I Spy in Spanish

New Year Word Search in Spanish

New Year Word Search Solution

Spanish New Year Vocabulary

These are the words in the two Spanish New Year games.

I Spy
gorro rojo y morado
gorro naranjo y verde
año rojo
año verde
pelota de fútbol americano
tres globos
globo rojo
globo verde
globo  azul
cohete rojo
cohete azul
cohete verde

Word Search
fuegos artificiales
media noche
año nuevo
las doce

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