Spanish nature walk

This summer my daughter has been working in a summer program with a Pre-K class of native Spanish speakers. They were going on a nature walk, and she decided to use a checklist like the ones I made for a listening walk and a looking walk. My checklists have pictures because I use them with preschoolers, but I include the Spanish words for older kids too. I made a checklist for her group of 4- and 5-year-olds.

Take a Spanish nature walk with this check list of vocabulary for kids.

This nature walk checklist is simple. There are only 9 words are on the printable, and they are items that you can find in almost any park or neighborhood. There is also a space for kids to add something else they see, hear, smell or feel. These are the words on the checklist. Each one has a small picture.

el viento – wind
una nube – cloud
una ardilla – squirrel
un pájaro – bird
el agua – water
un árbol – tree
una mariposa – butterfly
unas hojas – leaves
una ramita – branch
una flor – flower

Walks like these are a good way to talk about the different senses. Before the walk, review the Spanish words on the list and also encourage kids to identify the senses they use to experience each item. Then, use the verbs ver, oir, oler, and sentir as you are taking the walk (tasting something on the walk is hard to do).

Color copying is expensive, so like most of the printable materials I make, the checklist is black and white. Kids may want to color the small pictures and decorate their checklists. Using the vocabulary as they draw is a good pre-walk or follow-up activity.

A walk with a simple checklist offers the opportunity for lots of focused language practice. Kids are outside, active, and engaged with Spanish.

Spanish Nature Walk Checklist

Un paseo por la naturaleza

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