Spanish movement songs for teaching children first verbs in a fun, effective way.

Music, movement and language are a winning combination. Given that, it makes sense for kids to learn verbs like saltar, correr, bailar, comer, dormir, and girar by moving as they sing the words. These Spanish movement songs get children singing, moving and learning!

My favorite Spanish movement songs have enough repetition that kids can sing along after hearing the song once or twice. Some of these songs are about animals, while others are simply about moving and singing. In either case, these Spanish movement songs work wonders to teach verbs and get the wiggles out of a group of kids.

Check out more of our favorite Spanish songs for kids grouped by theme.

Spanish Movement Songs: Just the Verbs

Da una vuelta en tu lugar by Baila Baila

This song by Baila Baila has a wonderful rhythm as kids freeze at parar and say shhh, shhh. Children learn the verbs caminar, brincar, correr, bailar, comer, dormir, parar and dar una vuelta en tu lugar.

I do not use this video with kids, but you can use it to listen, and purchase the song on iTunes or Amazon.

Marcha by Singalingo

This is one of my go-to Spanish movement songs for preschoolers. It is by Singalingo, and there is a break midway if you want to start with fewer verbs. Because this song is all command forms, it also works well to sing as students move stuffies or beanie-type toys. I don’t play the song for that activity. I simply sing the tune and the verbs and they move their animals.

Again, I don’t use the video with kids, but you can use it to listen and purchase the song on iTunes.

Spanish Movement Songs: A Little More Language

There are many Spanish movement songs about animals, and others add adverbs like fast and slow, or nouns for children to act out. These three are good examples, and I have used all of them with preschoolers and the early grades. You’ll find other Spanish movement songs that teach first verbs and a little more language.

Josefina La Gallina by Elizabeth Carmona

The song is about a hen who behaves properly until she hears the song and then she runs, jumps, spins and flies. It is by Elizabeth Carmona of Chile, produced for A Tiempo Preescolar, and it is great fun. Kids love it because each time it repeats, it goes faster and faster.

You can listen to this song and see the video from A Tiempo Preescolar below. The song is available to download on Elizabeth Carmona’s CD Uno, dos, tres a jugar on iTunes.

El oso by Susy Dorn

Susy Dorn writes and sings some of my favorite songs for my youngest students. This song is a good contrast to the others because it is relatively calm, as kids do a series of actions con el oso and end up giving the bear a hug. It is a nice wind-down song. You can hear the song below and purchase it from Amazon or  iTunes.

Lento y rápido by Jorge Lan

Jorge Lan’s song Lento y rápido teaches verbs like caminar, correr, brincar, aplaudir and patear. It is to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat and, as you might guess, involves doing things slowly and quickly.  You can listen to the song below and purchase it on Amazon or iTunes

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