Printable Spanish Mother’s Day cards with flowers and simple phrases.

Making Spanish cards and gifts for Mother’s Day, Día de la Madre, can be a good language learning activity. If you are looking for printable Spanish Mother’s Day cards or other activities to celebrate a special mom, here are some fun options.

Spanish Mother’s Day Cards with Language Activities

On Spanish Playground, we have beautiful printable Mother’s Day cards in Spanish and they are free.

These cards are in two designs. They are also available in color or black and white. Best of all, they include language activities. Be sure to check out our designs!

These printable Mother's Day cards in Spanish include language activities for kids.

AMEI – La asociación mundial de educadores infantiles

La asociación mundial de educadores infantiles has a printable Spanish Mother’s Day cards. One says Felicidades Mamá and a there is also a printable diploma that says A la mejor mamá del mundo Por estar siempre a mi lado y quererme tanto. Follow the link below and click on the card or diploma to open a PDF and print.

On the same page there is a short video story for Mother’s Day in Spanish. The video-cuento is Toño y la Sirena. Below the video there are links to download PDFs of coloring pages of the story and the audio of the story. The transcript of the video is on the page below the video too.

Spanish Mother’s Day Cards and Video from AMEI

Spanish Mother’s Day Cards from Pequeocio

Another site with Spanish Mother’s Day cards is Pequeocio. You find this cute printable card for Día de la madre. Follow the link below, scroll to below the images of the card and click where it says Descargar tarjeta para el Día de la Madre (Download Mother’s Day Card) to open the PDF.

A purple card with flowers for Día de la madre.

Spanish Game Teaches Vocabulary with Movement and Repetition - Aquí Tenemos
Spanish Mother's Day Song - Mamá te quiero mucho