Spanish months

It is easy to talk about the calendar and the weather in Spanish with these colorful materials.
They are provided by the Asociación mundial de educadores infantiles and they are all PDFs that you can download and print.

There are signs with the Spanish months and the days of the week. There are numbers for the date, both day and year. There are also colorful signs for the seasons in Spanish.

My favorite part of this collection is the very cute set of circles to describe el clima (the weather). There are circles with sol, sol y nubes, nubes, lluvia and nieve to describe what is happening outside. They are all clearly labeled and very pretty!

This is the link to the Spanish months of the year and other materials.

The page suggests using these materials to make a weather wall, and that is certainly a possibility. They could also make a nice bulletin board. All of the materials are small though, so they also work well for other activities. Cut apart, the months, seasons and days of the week are a perfect size for kids to manipulate. They are also a nice size to send home with children learning Spanish, so that they can talk about the calendar, seasons and weather with their families.

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