Spanish materials for keeping kids engaged over the weekend.

It is Friday, and that means time for five easy-to-do Spanish activities for kids. They are the Friday Five – songs, videos, games and printable materials to keep kids learning Spanish over the weekend or anytime. You can find the rest of the series with other easy Spanish materials here: The Friday Five.

Play this online game to practice house vocabulary. Listen to what the girl says and then go to the right room. Spanish materials like this are high-interest, so kids learn as they play.

Listen to this song about sound with examples of different sounds we hear. It is by Cantoalegre. The words are on the screen, so you can sing along. The pictures in the video support the meaning of the lyrics.

Do this crossword puzzle with words for sports. For younger kids, you can print two copies, cut out the pictures and make memory cards using just a few of the words for the most familiar sports.

Do this printable activity with questions using gustar to say which of two things you like more. Use the same structure during the day to talk about things around you and ask your child which she likes more.

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