Spanish material made available as part of a fundraiser.

If you read Spanish Playground, you are probably a teacher or a parent. There is a good chance that you are both.  This post is for another teacher and parent,  and this time it is not just about Spanish materials for kids. This time, there is more to the story.

I’m sharing Spanish materials that were created by a group of teachers to help a colleague whose two-year-old son recently had a stroke. He is still in the hospital and requires on-going medical care. You can read more about Patrick and the effort to help on the Fun for Spanish Teachers blog.

The author of Fun for Spanish Teachers composes and performs some of my favorite songs for kids learning Spanish. I have written about Spanish Together’s music many times. I can’t imagine teaching preschool Spanish without it! She has contributed a collection called Over 100 Fun Songs in Spanish to this fundraiser. You get 4 of Spanish Together’s albums for $9.50 and 100% of the proceeds go to Patrick and his family.

Spanish and Dual-Language Resources – Fundraiser TPT Store

There are other materials in the fundraiser TPT store too, including mini-books and resources for dual-language classrooms. The fundraiser runs from June 1-July 1. I encourage you to take a look and a listen. You will find music and materials to help you teach Spanish, and your contribution will help Patrick and his family.

Spanish Playground sends all our support and love to Baby Patrick as he makes this journey!

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