Four printable Spanish logic puzzles for kids.

Logic puzzles for kids are excellent reading practice in Spanish. They often include information to establish a context, almost like a little story. You can also make several logic puzzles for kids that relate to a theme as a way to work with specific vocabulary.

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Logic puzzles for kids require them to use the process of elimination to figure out the answer. Of course, you have to show them how to use the grid, and teach them the “rules” of these puzzles.

Teach kids to put an X in the grid for information that does not match and an O when the information matches or is correct. For example, if they are matching people to fruit and the clue says A Sara no le gustan las fresas, they would find where the row labeled Sara and the column labeled fresas intersect and put an X.

If a clue gives information about a correct choice, for example A Sara le encanta la piña, kids put a O where the column and row intersect. The way logic puzzles for kids are designed, if Sara likes one thing, she cannot like the others. Kids can put an X in Sara’s row for the other fruits. Each person will match to only one item. Read a detailed explanation of how to do logic puzzles.

Students as young 2nd grade can do simple logic puzzles for kids, but language learners are also working on reading comprehension, so you have to adjust the difficulty accordingly.  I am including a printable PDF of four of my Spanish logic puzzles for kids that have to do with winter. Depending on the language level of your students, these puzzles can be used as a reading activity through upper elementary grades.

Logic Puzzles for Kids: Winter Vocabulary

Get the free printables here: Spanish Logic Puzzles for Kids

Do you use logic puzzles with your Spanish learners? We would love to hear how you incorporate them into your classes or do them at home.

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