Image of two actors from the video used in the Spanish listening exercises.

En un restaurante is a short video conversation about choosing food to order in a Mexican restaurant. With this video students learn food vocabulary in Spanish, how to talk about being hungry and thirsty and how to order in a restaurant. Watch the video and try the Spanish listening exercises below. The PDF is a free download.

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Restaurant Pre-Listening Activities

Before I watch the video with my students, we predict what the conversation will be about. To do this, you can give the students a general idea of the topic by telling them the video is about ordering in a restaurant.

Many students have eaten in Mexican restaurants and will have personal experiences to share. If you have heritage speakers of Spanish or other languages, ask them about the foods they eat at home. Depending on your situation, you may want to ask how those foods compare to restaurant versions in your area.

You can use the video to prompt conversation. For example, pause the video at the beginning just after Pamela enters, and ask students what they can see and try to predict the conversation. For example, ¿Cómo es el lugar? ¿De qué van a hablar Juan y Pamela?

Mexican Restaurant Video

I usually watch my videos all the way through one time before doing activities. This video is short and students may understand a lot the first time. Watching the whole video provides important context that contributes to understanding when they watch it again. You can watch the video below or on YouTube: Learn Spanish | Mexican Restaurant | Spanish Playground.

Spanish Listening Exercises for En un restaurante

Get the Spanish listening exercises for the Learn Spanish Restaurant Video here. See a sample page below.

The activities include 

  • Vocabulario – Food and restaurant vocabulary from the video
  • ¿Quién lo dice? – Listen for specific lines and identify the speaker
  • ¿Qué pasó? – Comprehension questions
  • ¿Y tú? – Personal questions
Image of page 2 of Spanish listening exercises including identify the speaker exercises and comprehension questions.
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