Hola Playgroup offers Spanish lessons for kids in NYC.

I’m always excited to hear about quality programs for teaching Spanish to children. I recently learned of ¡Hola! Playgroup, a wonderful program offering Spanish lessons for kids in the New York City. These classes are available in the Flatiron District, Chelsea, the Upper West Side, Forest Hills, and Queens.

Verónica Braun, a native of Mexico City, established ¡Hola! Playgroup in 2001. With a background in dance and languages, she designed the program to immerse children in Spanish through movement, music, stories and art. ¡Hola! Playgroup recognizes that for every child the moment to learn Spanish is now. It is never too early or too late to begin!

Spanish Lessons for Kids With Hola Playgroup

Thematic lessons

Themes are the best way to teach language in context. The ¡Hola! Playgroup thematic approach ensures necessary repetition of vocabulary for true learning. Kids hear theme-related vocabulary as they sing, move, listen to stories and do art activities.

The music

¡Hola! Playgroup has wonderful Spanish learning songs by the composer of Dora The Explorer! Singing and moving with these original songs, children acquire vocabulary, basic structures and native speaker pronunciation. These songs correspond to the themes of their Spanish lessons for kids. Listen to clips of these fun, effective songs here.

Time for free play in an immersion setting

Children learn and apply what they learn as they play. ¡Hola! Playgroup introduces and supports language learning and then creates space and opportunity for free play in an immersion setting. Their program offers Spanish lessons for kids, but the classes don’t feel like lessons!

Age groupings and continuity

The Spanish lessons for kids at ¡Hola! Playgroup allow children to begin at a range of ages and then continue to grow their language skills. The programing incorporates developmentally appropriate activities that recognize that children learn in different ways and at their own pace. ¡Hola! Playgroup also offers private Spanish classes and school age tutoring.

The diverse community

¡Hola! Playgroup is right for children who hear Spanish at home and also for children who are being introduced to the language for the first time. Because the Spanish is supported with an array of props, pictures and actions, all children understand and acquire language. Socialization and interaction are at the heart of the ¡Hola! Playgroup approach to learning.

Nurturing, joyful atmosphere

A thoughtful class structure, an engaging teacher, cheerful music, lots of movement and active learning – these things make for happy children!  You can hear it when parents talk about these Spanish lessons for kids:

…The classes are very well prepared and the kids learn quickly. My son began attending her classes at the age of 6 months and through her relaxed and fun approach at the age of 18 months, he has built a large Spanish vocabulary….

…the music they use is memorable, cheerful and my girl sings and dances to it all the time….

The environment was warm and nurturing… The class seemed a great mix of adorable art projects, play time and singing/story time.

…My son has been with ¡HOLA! for a long time, he totally loves it!  I encourage any parent with an interest in Spanish to enroll their child in this beautiful program.

You can see it in the faces of the children, too.

Hola Playgroup provides Spanish lessons for children in an immersion setting.   Music and movement are an essential part of these Spanish lessons for children.

Actions enhance language learning at Hola Playground Spanish lessons for kids.   Stories and music are important to Spanish learning at Hola Playgroup.

If you are in the New York metro area and want your child to speak Spanish, contact ¡Hola! Playgroup about their Spanish lessons for kids. You can find more information and a number for fall registration on the ¡Hola! Playgroup website.

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