New Spanish learning songs from Whistlefritz.

Whistlefritz recently sent me their new CD of Spanish learning songs for kids. ¡Sabor! has 15 wonderful songs that will get kids dancing with actions that help them learn Spanish.

Whistlefritz has produced many award-winning language products, and ¡Sabor! has all the quality and fun of their other CDs and DVDs. You can read more about the company and purchase products on the Whistlefritz website. ¡Sabor! is also available on iTunes and Amazon.

So much to love about these Spanish learning songs!

  • Fun actions. Movement has been proven to enhance language learning. These actions reinforce the meaning of the words children hear and sing.
  • Patterns and repetition. These elements help kids predict and sing along. One of my favorite songs, Cuando sea grande, is cumulative.  A new profession is added to the list with each verse. You can here a clip here:


  • Vocabulary included in most elementary programs. Children sing about weather, animals, body parts, professions, clothing and more. Most important, these words are used in a context that provides additional language to make the vocabulary meaningful and useful.
  • Natural language. These Spanish learning songs include common structures that kids should hear from the moment they start learning the language.
  • Clarity. Jorge Anaya sings with perfectly clear, beautiful Spanish and kids can hear every syllable.
  • Strong mental images. Many of these songs tap into a child’s ability to visualize what they are singing – a wonderful strategy to aid language learning. For example, singing En el zoológico, kids will picture a tiger dancing with a zebra and a duck dancing with a goat. This is a fun, effective way to learn.
  • Culture! Several of these songs are based on traditional elements of Latino culture. For example, you will love Caminemos en el bosque, the Whistlefritz version of the traditional game juguemos en el bosque. The song No hay fiesta sin pastel includes that wonderful popular saying and manages to capture the joy of generations of family parties in a simple song. ¡Sabor! also introduces children to a variety of different styles of Latin music including cumbia, calypso, salsa and merengue.
  • A range of useful vocabulary. These Spanish learning songs differ in how much vocabulary and language they use. Beginners will find plenty to sing along with immediately, but there are also songs with language to grow into.
  • ¡Fiesta! These songs make kids want to sing and dance. ¡Sabor! is music for learning and celebrating!

New Spanish songs for kids from Whistlefritz.

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Disclosure: The company sent me a copy of this product to be able to write the article. I may have been compensated for my time. All of the ideas and opinions are my own.

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