Spanish Valentine Activities for Kids

Valentine’s Day is about expressing love, affection and appreciation. With Spanish Valentine activities kids express their affection for friends and family and learn language at the same time.

Spanish Valentine cards, songs, games and books for kids learning language to celebrate the holiday.

Valentine Activities in Spanish

  • Valentine cards
  • Valentine games to play in Spanish
  • Activities for practicing Valentine vocabulary
  • Reading and speaking activities using hearts
  • Valentine songs
  • Books in Spanish for Valentine’s Day

Spanish Valentine Cards

Spanish Phrases for Valentine Cards – Kids put these Spanish phrases on the cards and other crafts they make. You’ll find a printable list in the post.

Printable Valentine Cards for Kids – Black and white cards for kids to color. The picture on the cards reinforces the cute valentine phrase.

Valentine Treat Boxes – Print these treat boxes in color or in black and white for kids to color themselves. Each one has a Valentine phrase illustrated by a picture.

Printable Valentine Cards – Each of these cards has an easy counting or matching activity.

Printable Spanish Cards and Activities for Valentine’s Day from Nourish Interactive – Free printable materials include coloring pages, cards, a word search puzzle and a worksheet of Valentine’s Day words to alphabetize. All of these activities teach food vocabulary.

Printable Spanish Valentine’s cards and bookmarks – Printable authentic language cards available online. These are at a good level to use with Spanish learners.

Spanish Valentines for Kids: Cards and Activities – This round-up of activities has printable cards I made to use as tags on treat bags.

Spanish Valentine Games

Spanish Candy Hearts Printable – This printable game is available in color or BW. Kids find the matching Spanish sayings on the hearts. You can also use the sheet of hearts with sayings for other games and crafts.

Check out these easy Spanish Valentine games and crafts, including an active musical hearts game, a heart craft to practice body parts, an easy paper heart chain with phrases and more.

8 Easy Spanish Valentine Activities – You’ll find a printable bubble letter poster of phrases, a word search, Valentine lotería and matching games in the post.

Spanish Game for Valentine’s Day – Silly Rhymes

Spanish Matching Game for Valentine’s Day – In this matching game, kids match hearts with questions and answers: ¿Me adoras? Te adoro.

Spanish Valentine Vocabulary

Spanish Valentine Words: Poster and Games – A variety of language activities to do pretty printable posters.

Learn Spanish with Pictures – Valentine’s Day

Activities with Hearts

Valentine Reading and Speaking Activities – Match the pictures of hearts with faces to sentences describing them.

Valentine Activities with Hidden Hearts Printable Picture

Spanish Valentine Songs

Spanish Valentine Song by Mariana Iranzi

Te quiero- A song for Valentine’s Day and every day – A song for preschoolers by Spanish Together.

A song to celebrate friends on Día del amor y la amistad Amigo by the group Enanitos Verdes

Spanish Valentine Books

10 Spanish Valentine Books for Kids – These books about love, family and friends are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Several have a repeated sentence structure that kids can use as a model in their own Valentine cards.

Spanish Story for Valentine’s Day: Adivina cuánto te quiero