Spanish Halloween yoga sequences for kids.

Halloween yoga is a wonderful class or party activity. Kids are so excited that movement is essential!

Of course, yoga is a powerful language learning tool, too. Kids are acting out the word and that helps reinforce the meaning. Also, Halloween yoga taps into movement which enhances language acquisition. Here are two Spanish Halloween yoga ideas for little goblins.

Kids Yoga Stories has a sequence of Halloween yoga poses with descriptions of each pose.  Use pictures or props as a visual reference for the different poses – this will set a wonderfully spooky mood!

You can read more about yoga and Spanish here. Use these words for the poses in the Halloween yoga sequence:
el fantasma – ghost
el esqueleto – skeleton
la luna – moon
el árbol torcido – crooked tree
la bruja en una escoba – witch on a broom
el murciélago – bat
la araña – spider
la casa embrujada – haunted house
el gato – cat
el búho – owl
la calabaza – pumpkin

Peaceful Hearts Yoga Kids also has a fun yoga sequence to go with the rhyme Five Little Pumpkins.

There are several version of the poem in Spanish, but this translation matches the English. You can use with the yoga sequence and it makes perfect sense. Even kids who don’t have much Spanish, but are familiar with the English will have fun with this activity.

Cinco calabazas

Cinco calabazas sentadas en un banco
La primera dijo,” se está haciendo tarde.”
La segunda dijo, “Hay brujas en el aire.”
Dijo la tercera, “No nos importa.”
La cuarta dijo, “Echemos a correr.”
La quinta dijo, “ Yo quiero divertirme.”
“oo-oo,” dijo el viento y la luz se apagó.
Y las cinco calabazas comenzaron a rodar.

You can adapt other yoga and movement games in English into Spanish learning activities. Here is one collection if you are looking for inspiration: Pinterest board with yoga and movement ideas for fall.

Photo Credit: peddhapati via Compfight cc

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