spanish halloween vocabulary

Halloween is more than candy and costumes. It is also a wonderful opportunity to practice all kinds of fun vocabulary associated with night, fall, fantasy and fairy tales. Here are some Spanish Halloween vocabulary resources and activities. There is also a printable list of Halloween vocabulary to use as a reference.

Halloween Cookie Cutter Painting
This Halloween painting activity is from All For The Boys. All you need is paper, paint and Halloween cookies cutters. The vocabulary that you practice will depend on your cutters, but in our house it was fantasma, calabaza, sombrero de bruja, gato, and murciélago. This is also a great activity for practicing colors. When you are done, be sure to hang your picture where you can see it and talk about the different shapes. Of course, you can make cookies on another day. Cutting out cookies is another great language activity!

Halloween Yoga
Kids Yoga Stories has a sequence of yoga poses for Halloween with descriptions of each pose. Yoga is great for learning Spanish because kids are acting out the word and that helps reinforce the meaning. Also, movement enhances language acquisition. Use pictures or props as a visual reference for the different poses – this will set a wonderfully spooky mood!

You can read more about yoga and Spanish here. Use these words for the poses in the Halloween sequence:
el fantasma – ghost
el esqueleto – skeleton
la luna – moon
el árbol torcido – crooked tree
la bruja en una escoba – witch on a broom
el murciélago – bat
la araña – spider
la casa embrujada – haunted house
el gato – cat
el búho – owl
la calabaza – pumpkin

Halloween Sensory Bin
This Halloween sensory bin from Sugar Aunts is made with water beads and lots of little Halloween items from around the house. As you play, be sure to talk about all the creepy things you see and touch!

Halloween Charades
It is tons of fun to act out Halloween related words and phrases. You can draw picture cards or if your kids can read, you can write out the words of the clue. Buggy and Buddy has Halloween cards with pictures and you can cut off the English words. You can write clues like these:
caminar como Frankenstein
una bruja en una escoba
un murciélago
un hombre lobo
un vampiro
truco o trato
comer caramelos
un fantasma
caminar como araña
ponerse una máscara
una momia
caminar por una casa embrujada

To make charades easier, you can include categories like animals, scary things and places, body parts, and actions.

Halloween Song – Cinco Calabazas
Spanish Together has a fun song and video of Cinco Calabazas. This is great to sing for Halloween!

Printable Halloween Games
Arasaac has two printable games with lots of Spanish Halloween vocabulary. The first is a Halloween Juego de la oca. The other is a Halloween Bingo game. For me, the PDFs printed better than the Word documents.

Printable Spanish Halloween Vocabulary

Spanish Halloween Vocabulary List

These are the words on the printable vocabulary list:

bat – el murciélago
black cat – el gato negro
blood – la sangre
bones – los huesos
broom – la escoba
bug – el insecto
candy – los caramelos
cat – el gato
cemetery – el cementerio
coffin – el ataúd
corpse – el cadáver
crooked tree – el árbol torcido
costume – el disfraz
crow – el cuervo
darkness – la oscuridad
dead – muerto
Dracula – Drácula
dress up –  disfrazarse
fangs – los colmillos
fingernails – las uñas
Frankenstein – Frankenstein
full moon – la luna llena
ghost – el fantasma
hat – sombrero
haunted house – casa embrujada
mask – la máscara
monster – el monstruo
moon – la luna
moonlight – la luz de luna
mummy – la momia
night – la noche
October – octubre
orange – anaranjado
owl – el búho
party – la fiesta
potion – la poción
pumpkin – la calabaza
rat – la rata
scarecrow – el espantapájaros
shadow – la sombra
skeleton – el esqueleto
skull – la calavera
snake – la serpiente
spider – la araña
spider web – la telaraña
toad – el sapo
trick or treat – truco o trato
vampire – el vampiro
werewolf – el hombre lobo
witch – la bruja
zombie – el zombi

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