Spanish Halloween songs, books and activities for kids.

Kids love Halloween! The costumes, the ritual of trick or treating with friends and family, the spookiness, and, of course, the candy.  Spanish Halloween activities tap into the excitement and fun. Kids can learn lots of new vocabulary and practice different skills as the prepare for the big celebration.

Here are some of my favorite Spanish Halloween resources. As Spanish Playground continues to grows, I know that it can be hard to find what you need. These new Spanish Halloween resources and ones from past years are organized to make it easier.

Spanish Halloween Resources: Songs

With Spanish Halloween songs kids learn everything from spooky vocabulary to counting and telling time.

Es Halloween is a new song by Mariana Iranzi. It is perfect for kids of all ages! Follow the link for the video and the lyrics.

Cinco calabazas is an excellent Spanish Halloween song for younger Spanish learners. Based on a familiar structure, it teaches numbers and emotions. It can also be done as a fun finger play.

Kids love Los esqueletos. There are several variations of this traditional song with fun videos. Follow the link to see two of my favorite versions.

1-2-3 Momia Es is a traditional song and playground game. It is great for getting kids moving!

Spanish Printable Activities

These Spanish Halloween activities pair pictures and vocabulary in different ways.

In this Draw-the-Details activity, kids read sentences in Spanish. They add details to pumpkins and skeletons to match the description they read. It can also be done as a listening activity.

Spanish Halloween resources like this printable drawing and vocabulary activity make learning fun.

This is an excellent set of 18 Spanish Halloween vocabulary cards. There is also a matching activity where kids match words to parts of a scene.

Use these Spanish Halloween pictures cards for games and activities.

Although I associate calaveras with Day of the Dead, they are very common at Halloween too. Here is a color-by-number calavera for kids to practice colors and numbers in Spanish.

Halloween is a great time for learning about pumpkins! Check out these Spanish pumpkin activities, including a life cycle cut and paste and, a describe-the-pumpkin activity.

Pumpkin activities are part of a great set of Spanish Halloween activities.

If you’re talking about pumpkins, this speaking activity is about a picture of a pumpkin patch. It is an easy way to speak Spanish with beginners.

Spanish Words for Halloween

Kids can learn Spanish Halloween words doing many different activities.

This infographic of vocabulary is excellent support for common Spanish Halloween vocabulary. Use it to ask questions like ¿Cuántos animales ves? ¿Cuáles de estas cosas vuelan? You can also describe an image and have kids identify it.

Songs, infographic, printable activities and games for Spanish Halloween learning.

Here is a great printable list of Halloween words. There is a selection of hands-on activities to do with kids and use the words, and links to Spanish Halloween printable games too.

Use the Spanish Halloween vocabulary list with language learners.

Spanish Halloween Jokes

Some jokes for kids have Halloween vocabulary. Listening and telling jokes about Halloween and spooky characters is great language practice. You can find 10 Spanish Halloween jokes here.

Se hace de noche is a funny story-joke and kids can easily learn to recite it. It’s one of my favorite Spanish Halloween activities!

Spanish Halloween Yoga

Yoga lets kids move and learn Spanish at the same time. Try some Halloween yoga fun with the yoga sequence.

Spanish Halloween Resources: Books

Halloween books are another way to share language with kids at this time of the year.

Los Gatos Black on Halloween is a wonderful book that weaves Spanish words into the text.

You can learn more about it and order on Amazon.

La viejecita que no le tenía miedo a nada is also a good Spanish Halloween story. You can hear it read aloud following the link above and order it from Amazon.

Halloween tells the true story of Halloween in relatively simple language. It is another good choice for Spanish learners.

I hope these Halloween resources are helpful!

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