A Spanish Halloween activity where kids draw based on a description they read.

This Spanish Halloween printable is fun, effective vocabulary practice. Drawing activities like this are great for practicing reading or listening skills. Once they are completed, drawing activities can be used as speaking and writing prompts. They are also easy to make for seasonal vocabulary.

In this Spanish Halloween read-and-draw activity, kids read short descriptions and then add the details to the pumpkin or skeleton. Finally, they choose their own details to add to a jack-o’-lantern and then write a description. You can download the printable using the link below.

Of course, you don’t need a printable for simple drawing activities using basic shapes like the pumpkin or a circle for a face. There are many variations you can do by drawing as you go, on cards, or on a white board. The key is to start with something simple like a face and to limit the details you add to items that are easy to draw.

Try some of these ideas for adding details to a face:

  • If you have a group, you can do the activity in teams. Make it a relay race where teams add details to the face on the board.
  • Make a list of objects (earrings, hat, scar, braces, bows, barrettes, etc.) and emotions and let kids choose one item from each list to draw or have a friend draw.
  • If you are using faces (not pumpkins) you can also practice other physical descriptions with vocabulary for hair and eye color, mustache, glasses, jewelry, etc.
  • Introduce an element of chance. Put the emotions and items into two piles and draw one of each, or make a double spinner and draw the different combinations of details.
  • Put the descriptions on index cards and make the same number of face cards. Take a card, read the description, and then add the details to the face card. Once you have added the details, you can do the activity in reverse –  match the drawings to the correct descriptions.
  • Use the cards with the faces and the descriptions to play memory.
  • This makes a great listening activity and a fun pair activity. I have also used drawings as writing prompts. You can adapt Spanish vocabulary practice with simple drawings to any skill and level.
  • There are lots of blank face printables online. Write descriptions on cards and let kids choose a description and complete a face. You can find more blank face printables here.

Spanish Halloween Printable

Spanish Halloween Read and Draw

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This is the vocabulary used in the Spanish Halloween printable. There are lots of other words that you could use with the same drawings.

la calabaza

el esqueleto

los ojos

la nariz

los dientes

la boca

la mano

los pies

el triángulo

el círculo



el sombrero

las botas

la bufanda

el sombrero de bruja

la escoba

la araña

el piso

la espada

el fantasma

el cielo

la luna llena

Está sonriendo






cerca de


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