Spanish Halloween printables include picture cands and a matching activity.

I like Halloween, but I have to admit that the anticipation seems to go on a long time, especially for the little ones! Even though I resisted starting too early, I am teaching some Spanish Halloween vocabulary now.

I’m sharing a couple of Spanish Halloween printables you can use in a variety of ways. You can find the links to download them below.

If you’re looking for more activities for specific vocabulary, check out all our Spanish vocabulary games grouped by theme.

I have a set of basic Halloween vocabulary on 18 picture cards. The cards can be used for many different activities, from matching to memory to hiding games. You can find a list of 25 picture card activities in this post. The article is about animal cards, but many of the activities can used with any cards. The Spanish Halloween printables are black and white, so that kids can color them if they like.

This is the vocabulary use on the Spanish Halloween printables. Not all of the words are used in the matching activity.
el esqueleto – skeleton
la momia – mummy
la calabaza – pumpkin
el fantasma  – ghost
la casa embrujada  – haunted house
el monstruo – monster
la luna llena – full moon
el gato negro – black cat
la bruja – witch
la araña – spider
la escoba – broom
el murciélago – bat
el búho – owl
el vampiro – vampire
la telaraña – spider web
la calavera – skull
el sombrero de bruja – witch’s hat
los caramelos – candy

Spanish Halloween printable cards

Spanish Halloween Printables: 18 Cards

Halloween Picture Cards

Halloween Matching Picture

I use the simple matching activity you see at the top of this post. First, kids draw lines from the word to the objects in the picture. This picture is also great for writing and speaking activities using the vocabulary. These are a few ways to use the picture, with example sentences. I am sure you can think of more.

Do a listening activity by giving instructions.
Dibuja tres estrellas en el cielo.
Colorea la calabaza de color naranja.
Colorea los ojos de monstruo de color azul.
Pon un sombrero en la cabeza del esqueleto.
Pon una cara en la calabaza.

Work with prepositions. You can use fill-in-the-blank sentences, have kids write sentences, or describe the location of different objects as a speaking activity.
El gato está ____________la casa.
La calabaza está _____________el árbol.

Make true-false sentences.
El esqueleto está cerca de la araña. (c)
La bruja tiene una escoba. (c)
El monstruo es más alto que la momia. (f)
El monstruo tiene cinco dientes. (f)

Play guessing games. One person describes an object and the other identifies it.
Está en el árbol. Es un tipo de pájaro.
Está cerca de la momia. Tiene tres dientes.

Write simple sentences to describe the picture. Kids can color it and add more detail first or describe the picture as it is.
Hay una bruja.
Hay una araña en la casa.
La casa tiene siete ventanas.

Spanish Halloween matching activity.

Spanish Halloween Printables: Matching Activity

Halloween Match – Words to Pictures

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